A 'fairy' odd tale of deleted cookies

A 'fairy' odd tale of deleted cookies

Blogger mum Radhika of Sinsations shares with us a charming tale of 'deleted cookies' and some amazing shots of a purple dragon cake topper that lived happily ever after. Scroll down to read her story...

I’m back after so long, that it feels almost like I’d been in exile!

But instead I have a story for you! A story that is recorded in the annals of my family’s history…..

A long, long time back, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and the internet was born, there was a woman (she may, or may not have been me). She constantly browsed foodie sites on the net and saved recipes for cookies and brownies and cakes.

One sad day her internet was especially slow. So she complained to her son, Prince Charming! (Did I not tell you that she was the Queen of surfing the internet !?!)

He said, “Ma, just delete the cookies, and your computer will be fine!” The Princes in my family—-what can I say? No etiquette.

With a heavy heart and many sighs, the Queen, deleted all her cookie recipes.

Think of Sleeping Beauty’s parents’ anguish at having to watch her sleep for a 100 years…..think of Belle’s despair at having to leave her old doddering dad…..

Still, not a patch on our Queen’s sorrow on parting with her beloved cookies.

Once the dark deed was done, she came to her son and told him, “Son, my computer is still very slow. Even though I deleted all the cookies. Do I have to delete my brownies too?”


The Prince has been banished to distant Boston, because he rolled around laughing…..


The Queen then spent her energies creating a purple dragon (albeit a cute one) to guard her castle computer.

cake topper

cake topper


cake topper

cake topper

cake topper

cake topper

And then they lived happily ever after……


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