5 simple hacks to cure your cranky mum-mood when it gets too much!

5 simple hacks to cure your cranky mum-mood when it gets too much!

All mums have cranky days. I mean, can you blame us? We have our hands full—working, cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids and their dads as well! Here's a quick fix list for you to chill out and unwind.

Nothing has been going your way. Your kids have been making a fuss and screaming, so you prepare a little snack for them.You leave them for two seconds and when you get back, the entire living room has been  transformed into a war zone. Your eyes are fixated on the huge puddle of goo on the floor, and perhaps another patch of pet pee on the patio. You want to yank your hair out…

We’ve put together a quick fix that might possibly calm you down for a little bit.

Smiles vs chocolates


At this stage a whole boat-load of chocolates sounds way better than a silly little smile, right? But smiles create a lot more happiness than chocolates. You would need to eat 2,000 bars of chocolate to get you the same amount of happiness that one smile could bring. Think of all the calories and the unwanted feelings of guilt that would plague you. Smiling and laughing, as simple as it may seem, will bring a world of difference. Think comedy, if you need an extra prod to giggle.

You got to move it, move it!

More than 3,000 years ago, they were already doing it for full effect—yoga that is. When doing yoga, you stretch, strike poses and take deep relaxing breaths that can make you feel better instantly. If you are feeling exceptionally tense, reach up and make big stretching movements. Moving about helps your brain produce the chemicals needed to make you feel good. It does not matter how you either! Be it yoga, swimming, soccer, dance, netball or running, just do it.


Want to see more ways? Read on!


Surely you know this. Even your baby gets cranky if they are not getting enough sleep. But more often than not, sleep deprivation is part and parcel of motherhood, unfortunately. Sleep makes a huge difference in your mood—if you don’t get enough sleep for just one night a week, it can make it hard for you to think. So imagine all those sleepless nights accumulated together...

Being tired can bring about extra stress, anger or even sadness. You’ll get enough energy to be active with your kids when you get that much needed shut-eye. We know it is hard, but try to get about 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night.

Hanging out with a friend

Money does not always bring happiness. A warm and fuzzy home with good food can make a person happier than cold hard cash. Spending time with loved ones and friends, team mates or other soccer mums can chase those blues away. Talk to someone, communicate, connect and just bond.

Avocado goodness


Let’s talk about the power of the green avocado and all the good mood powers it exudes. The secret? Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a healthy type of fat that can help keep your heart healthy and boost your mood. Just a precaution, be careful of emotional bingeing to cure a bad mood. Don’t over do it, for you might pack on the pounds.


If you have tried any of the above, share with us how it goes for you in the comments below!

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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