9 Easy Ways To Safely Introduce Your Baby To Swimming

9 Easy Ways To Safely Introduce Your Baby To Swimming

You're excited to take your baby swimming with you. Here are 9 safety tips to ensure a happy experience for both of you.

Are you wondering how you can take your newborn to the pool safely? How soon can you introduce the baby to the pool?

You should consider many things before you introduce your baby to the water. Here are 9 safe ways to take your baby swimming:

1. Ensure proper timing

It is advisable to wait until the time is right. Research shows that toddlers below age two shouldn’t be taken to any body of water, including a swimming pool. This is because pools are easily contaminated with bacteria that can expose the baby to serious health conditions like diarrhoea.

The water’s temperature is another issue altogether. Babies get to regulate their body temperature between 6 and 12 months, so the water’s temperature should be regulated in order to keep the baby warm.

You can consider keeping the water’s temperature within the range of 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, you should be keen not to make the temperature too hot for the baby. Children younger than five years find it difficult to survive in pools heated to more than 100 degrees.

2. Keep your baby close

9 Easy Ways To Safely Introduce Your Baby To Swimming

Each time you take your baby out swimming, ensure that he or she is at least an arm’s reach away. To maintain a firm footing, avoid deep water and hold your baby tight and close. Hold your baby safely under the arms and allow him or her to experience the freedom of movement afforded by water.

3. Make him get used to swimming

Introduce your baby gradually to pool water. Take a bath with him or her in the bathtub, letting him splash around. Babies enjoy floating toys, so make sure to have some during bath time. Get your baby used to the feel of moving water by trickling water over his or her face and forehead.

4. Take your baby for swimming lessons

9 Easy Ways To Safely Introduce Your Baby To Swimming

You might think about enrolling your baby to swimming lessons when he is around six months of age. Look for a qualified instructor in your city. It is advisable that you’re there during swimming lessons in order to make your baby feel safe.

Babies can be taught to swim between two adults for a few seconds when they reach 9 months of age. This is one of the safest tactics to give your child a good experience with water.

5. Avoid heavily loaded pools

 Parents should take their babies to pools that are less loaded and that have a lot of free space to move the baby in the water.

Unlike adults, the breathing system, eyes and skin of a baby are more sensitive to chlorine. Sensible precautions should be taken since the babies might have a bowel movement in the pool.

6. Ensure the baby is clean before entering the pool

Clean the diaper before taking your child into the pool. This is very important in order to avoid contaminating the water with bacteria. It is recommended that you use swim diapers that are specially designed for water.

7. Avoid taking the baby immediately into the water after feeding

You should take this very seriously because your baby’s health comes first. Babies need utmost care while in the swimming pool to avoid unwanted accidents.

8. Make your babies comfortable in the water

9 Easy Ways To Safely Introduce Your Baby To Swimming

Try giving your baby some toys while in the water; floating toys should do the trick. After he’s comfortable, let him feel the forward motion of the water. Don’t submerge your baby; you can only go as far as wetting his face to get him used to water.

9. Pulling and turning

Put your baby in front of you and gradually dip him into the water. Then, lift him up and turn at a slow pace while starting to pull him. With time, you will realise that your baby can now move in the water by himself.


Conclusively, you should introduce your baby to the water at an early age. This will ensure his enjoyment of swimming, making pool time fun time.


This article is a contribution from Andrea Ralph. 


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