Burn Calories With These Quick And Easy Sex Positions

Burn Calories With These Quick And Easy Sex Positions

Not all sex is equal. There are sessions that are slow and gentle and others that are vigorous and intense. Depending on the style, position, time and intensity, you can use sex as an exercise substitute--if you and your man are up to it.

According to Canadian researchers, men use up around four calories a minute during sex while women burn just a little over three calories. To help you understand just how many calories you're burning and how the conjugal chamber can be the next best thing to a gym, here are the most common (and fun!) sex positions and how much they burn.

The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl

Calories burned: 96 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: The classic woman-on-top position means you let him lie on a flat surface (preferably a firm bed) while you seat yourself on his hips, straddling him between your thighs as you face him. You can grind on him to feel his girth or bounce up and down to enjoy full penetration.
Level of difficulty: You can hold on to the headboard for more leverage or really work those core muscles and thighs with this position. If you can sustain this for longer than 10 minutes, you'll burn even more calories.

Doggy Style

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Calories burned: 56 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: There are several variations of this, the most common one being on all fours on the bed while he kneels behind you and slips inside while he holds you by the hips or shoulders. Your job is to usually keep your stance and fight against his thrusts for more penetration and pleasure.
Level of difficulty: Staying steady on all fours can get tiring and strain your back, so you can modify it a little by standing up and bending over a desk or counter top. This lowers the amount of calories burned, though, so you may want to stick to classic doggy.

Standing up

Calories burned: 72 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it:  You and your guy face each other standing up and get really close, your fronts touching as much as possible. Raise your leg and let your guy lower himself a bit so he can slide in from underneath. Lower your leg slowly and make sure to keep him inside while you find your footing. Afterwards, rub against each other to a long climax.
Level of difficulty: This is one of the most difficult positions to achieve and maintain, especially if you and your man have height differences. You may need to wear heels or stand on a step to allow for shallow penetration. The good news is it usually takes a while to orgasm through this position so you might be going for 15 to 30 minutes.


The Spoon

Calories burned: 49 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: Your husband lies down behind you on the bed, with both of you on your sides. Raise your top leg and let him slip inside you. You can lay your leg over him for better penetration or close your legs to really let him feel your vaginal walls clamping down even before orgasm. He can reach over to stimulate you manually.
Level of difficulty: Quite the easy position, you basically just need to lie down on your side and hold your place. You can up the difficulty by pushing back against him, but this isn't as physically strenuous as the others.


chinese sex positions

Calories burned: 48 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: You lie down and spread your legs while your man looms over you and settles between them, inserting his manhood. You can hold on to your man's shoulders, wrap your arms around his neck, hold on to the pillow underneath you or on to his butt. This most simple and straightforward position is the most frequent one you and your partner must be doing, so it's good to know how much you burn.
Level of difficulty: Might be a walk in the park if this is your go-to position. Make it a little more intense by meeting his thrusts or looping your legs around his hips.

The Crisscross

The Peg

Calories burned: 60 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: Both of you lie down on the bed,  you on your back and he on his side. Align your hips with his perpendicularly, with your bum settled against his erection. You sling the back of your knees over his body and spread your legs to give him entry and you both reach down to stimulate your clitoris. He simply has to piston his hips to penetrate you again and again.
Level of difficulty: Since both of you are lying down, this is another easy position to do. You may lose more than the usual calories if he's skilled enough with his hands to get you off more than once!

The Reverse Cowgirl

The Bucket Seat

Calories burned: 91 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: This more pleasurable woman-on-top position burns slightly less calories because it's easier to do. Instead of facing him, you face his legs and let the angle of his manhood press delightfully against your G-spot. Bounce up and down or grind him against your G-spot for as long as you want.
Level of difficulty: This position is slightly easier and more pleasurable since you get to fully control the sensations. Still, it's one of the more physically demanding techniques you can do for the two-punch benefit of pleasure AND calorie burn.

The Butterfly

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Calories burned: 80 calories in 10 minutes!

How to do it: Ladies lie on a flat surface that’s a little lower than your man’s dangly bits. With your butt raised a little off the edge of the surface, your man reaches under your backside or on your hips to raise them and enter you. Don’t forget to lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders.

Level of difficulty: This is certainly a more intense missionary, with you having to lift your lower body weight using your hips. He has to steady you and angle his thrusts as well.

Coital Alignment

Small penis sex: 20 Sex positions for a husband with a small penis

Calories burned: 74 calories in 10 minutes!
How to do it: You lie down on the bed and he gets on top of you, his full weight on your body but off your chest so you can breathe. Spread your legs just enough for him to slip in and move a bit lower so his pubic bone hits your clitoris. You loop your legs around his and rock until you climax.
Level of difficulty: Since this is modified missionary, you and your partner may not find it difficult - still, it's extremely hot. The rocking doesn't allow for much range in movement but can turn up a lot of tense muscles. Hold on tight!
You should note that the calories lost indicated here doesn't include the ones you lose in foreplay - so sexercise can fill your daily required physical activity! Keep in mind that physical fitness experts recommend that you engage in your chosen exercise routine at least three times a week if you want to lose weight (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Do you have other positions you want to know about? Drop us a question in the comments and let's discuss!

Republished with permission from: theAsianparent Philippines.


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