9 Every Day Habits That Would Help in Boosting Your Child's Immunity

9 Every Day Habits That Would Help in Boosting Your Child's Immunity

It’s very common for your kid to get exposed to various bacteria, viruses and fungi but a proper immune system makes them fight all of them with ease

Our children’s health is one of the most important thing to us parents. Although your child may seem very active and fit from outside but is he eating what is essential for his/her growing body? It’s very common for your kid to get exposed to various bacteria, viruses and fungi but a proper immune system makes them fight all of them with ease. Here are some daily habits you can cultivate in your child that will help to boost their immunity and keep them strong and healthy.

Plenty of water

9 Every Day Habits That Would Help in Boosting Your Child's Immunity

If you experience food poisoning in Singapore, it is important for you to stay hydrated. | Photo: iStock

Don’t worry if your child keeps getting thirsty throughout the day. But make sure rather than drinking a number of soft drinks and sugary drinks, he/she is drinking plenty of water. Drinking 4-5 litres of water detoxify the body and vanish all the diseases that occur from the germs of the body, which strengthen the immune system. It’s advisable to get your tap water tested from the labs or give your kids boiled water to drink. Even when they are stepping out of home, keep in mind to put a boiled water bottle in their bag.

Get close to the nature

Take your kids to the parks as much as possible and make them run barefoot on the grass early mornings or evenings. Fresh air becomes an important factor in building a strong immune system provided its pollution free. Walking in the woods, taking the swings, climbing the trees or sleeping under the sun light will make your child very happy. The more they will get introduced to outdoor picnics, the more energetic they will become and to maintain that kind of energy, they will demand for extra food. Apart from giving your child exposure of the outside world, you will also get an opportunity to pamper them with the kind of food that is important for them.

Yoga and other exercises

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Introducing your kids to morning yoga or some light exercises in the day can be very beneficial. Any form of exercise including jogging, running, cycling or bike riding burns calories and make them feel hungry.

But most importantly it stimulates your child’s nervous, endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems. Getting into a daily routine of working out can be very healthy for your child.

Eating fruits rich in vitamin C

Adding fruits like strawberries, citrus fruits like orange & muskmelon and kiwifruit in your child’s diet will be very helpful in boosting their immune system.

These fruits are high in vitamin C, which is an important immune nutrient. Besides they are also loaded with minerals, fiber and water. It’s advisable to avoid citrus fruits if your child has cold or flu and opt for papaya. A bowl of colorful seasonal fruits should be the first choice for your child.

Proper sleep

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If your child is not sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours a day, he will always stay cranky and won’t feel like eating anything properly the next day. Sleep deprivation damages the T-cells and spoils the immune system according to number of studies. Having a proper sleep should be the first thing that you should teach your child.

Maintaining proper hygiene

Staying neat and clean doesn’t mean that it will boost your child’s immunity but it surely reduce the stress on their immune system. Each time they eat or drink something, make sure they wash their hands properly. Hygiene plays a big role in your healthy lifestyle, which is why you must never forget to pack your disposable wipes for quick clean ups when you step out with babies.

You can also buy them hand soaps with the scents of their choice so that they always stay interested in washing their hands after any activity such as playing outside with pets, polishing shoes or using the bathroom. Changing the toothbrush of your child after every time he comes out of any bacterial infection will also be very helpful.

Create a happy environment at home

It’s important that you hold, hug, kiss, massage and nurse your baby regularly. There can’t be a better medicine for boosting your child’s immunity than giving love and attention. Happiness and a sense of security at home between the family members make your child live healthy. A lot of studies show that laughter and positive atmosphere strengthen immunity as well. The kind of energy your child puts into laughing and chilling, it makes their immune function better while the stress spoils the immune system and lead them to several diseases.

Eating fresh vegetables

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Childhood is the time when every kid wants to experiment with the junk food, sodas and chocolates available in the market. Its essential that you get your child to eat fresh vegetables like carrots, green beans, bell peppers, sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables which are high in vitamin c. These veggies also help in DNA repair as they contain important antioxidants, which is important to build the immune system. If your child doesn’t like to eat raw vegetables, you can make them have it in baked, boiled or stir-fried form.

Eating nuts

4-5 soaked almonds; pistachios, raisins, apricots and walnuts must be added in your child’s everyday diet. Nuts provide number of benefits as it contains a whole lot of proteins, minerals and vitamins and also rich in antioxidants such as omega fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E. You can make your kids have nuts twice or thrice a day in the beginning and if they don’t like to have whole nuts, you can put it in their milk, biscuits or breakfast.






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