8 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Marriage

8 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Marriage

Are you allowing social media to tear your relationship apart?

According to online divorce statistics, 1 in 5 divorces in the USA cites Facebook as a reason. Facebook has over 900 million users around the world, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people are connecting online and some of this is in the form of flirting or infidelity.

Is this high tech social networking site wrecking your marriage?

8 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Marriage

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1. Rediscovering old flames

Finding an old boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook can be very easy. This may lead to old feelings resurfacing, which may develop into an extramarital affair.

2. Letting Facebook dominate every moment of the day

People are only a few clicks away from Facebook at any time. This in turn can create too much dependency on the site. Dissatisfaction happens when people compare the new and exciting information people are posting online with the drab and boring life from one’s own existence.

3. Airing personal grievances via status updates

Using Facebook to announce marriage problems, personal information or air your grievances about your spouse creates resentment. It is only going to make your relationship more “complicated”.

8 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Marriage

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4. Too much information sharing on relationship problems with others through chat

Divulging marriage issues through a private chat with someone other than your spouse creates intimacy with that person. Depending on the motives of one or both people in the chat session, things can develop very rapidly. A spouse may be start off by sharing about the state of the marriage to setting a foundation for starting an affair.

5. Caring for virtual animals in Farmville more than family and spouse

Playing games on Facebook is wildly popular. The excitement of the online game can leave real-time families and spouses wanting time and attention.

6. Flirting on public posts, pictures and profiles

Commenting is part of the Facebook culture. But watch what you post. Ensuring that comments are not inappropriate is part of personal decency. Flirting with no one but your spouse is a part of fulfilling the wedding vows.

8 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Marriage

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7. Friending people who directly or indirectly threaten your marriage

The Facebook login page says “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” Depending on who the people in your life are, they may have a negative effect on a marriage, it’s even worse. These include, but are not limited to flirtatious friends, in-laws and nosy friends.

8. Refusing to talk about what happens on Facebook with your spouse

Taking Facebook away as a topic for discussion indicates that there could be something that your spouse is hiding. This can breed mistrust and that is fatal for a marriage.

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