8 Real women on marrying "The One"

8 Real women on marrying "The One"

Is there really such a thing as "The One"? These women really think so

Plenty of hopeless romantics still believe in soulmates, but when confronted with the realities of marriage, find themselves doubting if their partner is really “The One.” And sometimes, the most skeptical of people can make the conscious decision to believe that they’ve married “The One.” That’s what one anonymous theAsianparent Community user’s question was all about.

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Here’s how the theAsianparent Community community said how you can tell you married “The One”:

1. He still does the little things

“Now that we have been together for 11 years (including 3 years of marriage), he still opens the car door for me.”

– Febby A.

2. You feel at peace around him

“I feel complete sense of calm when he is around. And it’s not just about being there for the big stressful decisions, there’s no one else I enjoy just chillaxing with. A day vegging out in the sofa with chips and pizza is as perfect as a date out to a Michelin-starred restaurant.”

– Roshni M.

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3. He knows you

“He knows what’s the meaning behind my every frown and every smile.”

– Mizah S.

4. You’re proud to be his wife

“Whenever I meet some of his friends, they are never tired of praising him. I feel elated. Many females who once hit on him are still jealous.”

– Neha G.

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5. You complement each other

“We both have different roles in our marriage and are from totally different backgrounds and race. But, it’s this combination that makes our marriage special and it’s what we cherish most. He makes up for what I’m short of and vice versa.”

– Sheena K.

6. You accept each other.

“I know a marriage relationship takes two parties to maintain. Instead of complaining about my husband’s bad habits, I accept him as he is. I also have a lot of shortcomings but my husband also do the same to accept me.”

– Diana L.

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7. You just keep coming back to each other.

“I definitely think that my fiancé is the one. Being physically apart for most of our relationship, we’ve been through so many trials and challenges. In the seven years I’ve known him, we were broken up for a year. I am a firm believer in the saying: ‘If something is meant to be yours, it will find a way back to you.’ And it did. We’ve been together ever since and I am certain that I am marrying ‘The One’ at the end of this year.”

– Idza B.

8. You’re both willing to put in the work.

“I think I married the right guy who can handle me (I am a bit short tempered at times!) and with whom I feel myself. We learn each day—about each other, about marriage, about living together. It’s not that easy, but what matters is how we deal with situations and move on together. If you are able to do that, you have ‘the one.’”

– Deepshikha P.

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