8-month-old dies after hitting head on car dashboard: a grim reminder about car seats

8-month-old dies after hitting head on car dashboard: a grim reminder about car seats

An 8-month-old infant died after hitting her head on a car dashboard during an accident. This unfortunate incident just shows how important safety seats are.

An eight-month-old baby girl died after the car she was riding in was involved in an accident.

The cause of her death? She accidentally hit her head on the car dashboard.  

The 8-Month-Old Baby Died After She Hit the Dashboard

The unfortunate incident happened in Malaysia, at KM70 Dusun Panti. According to the police, the car’s driver had suddenly lost control of the car and swerved onto the other lane.

Afterward, the car crashed into an oncoming vehicle. The force of the impact caused the eight-month-old infant — who was sitting in the front seat on an adult’s lap — to be thrown against the dashboard. She was killed instantly.

The baby was identified as Nur Aira Rayna Muhamad Rafizan. The case is currently under further investigation by authorities. 

Car Seats Save Children’s Lives

8-month-old infant died

Car seats are invaluable and help keep your children safe while you’re on the road.

The tragic accident highlights just how important it is for parents to make sure their kids are safe when traveling.

Car seats have been proven time and time again to save children’s lives during car accidents.

These seats help keep children safe, even during severe accidents. That’s because car seats, when installed properly, are designed to prevent your child from being thrown around or absorbing the brunt of the impact during an accident.

Here Are Some Important Reminders for Using Car Seats:

  • Make sure that you install them properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Rear-facing seats are a must especially for younger kids.
  • Keep the straps snug; make sure they are not loose fitting.
  • Make sure that everyone is buckled up. Car safety is for everyone, not just your kids.
  • The center seat is the safest spot for kids.
  • Avoid seating your kids in front, they are safest when sitting in a car seat at the back.
  • Car seats expire, so make sure to avoid buying them second hand as the material can get brittle and it won’t be as safe as before.


Source: nst.com.my

Photo from: pixabay.com

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