7 Ways To Lose Weight… Even When Your Family Won’t!

7 Ways To Lose Weight… Even When Your Family Won’t!

Mommy’s health and fitness goals just got bumped to the top of the to-do list

It’s that time of the year… when your swimsuits, shorts, and summer tops seem to have magically shrunken again.

It happens all the time, to the best of us – well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions take a backseat to our everyday priorities of caring for the family and running the household (You’d think that chasing after kids all day would help you drop a few pounds!).

So what’s a busy momma got to do to stay on the fitness track? Start some new habits.

Here are 7 ways to lose weight without even trying!

1. Nibble smart – pre-pack snack portions!
Yes, overeating healthy snacks is still a diet crime. Portion them out beforehand, so you eat just the right amount when the nibbles get to you.

2. See the promise in compromise
Even when the fambam is out to have a feast, you still have options! For example, if pizza is on everyone’s mind, pick the thin crust over the cheese-(and calorie-) stuffed thick crust. Or go for the protein dishes and load up on veggies.

3. Head to your local farmers’ market
Replace supermarket trips with visits to its gourmet counterpart, where only fresh produce are sold. Bring your children along (yes ,even the man child). With the colors, aromas, and tastes of the local market, no one will miss the aisles upon aisles of processed food.  

4. Learn the language of nutrition labels
If you can’t access a farmers’ market or a wet market, being very selective about what goes into your food basket is the next best thing. Comparing the labels of similar products is a quick way to figure out what’s healthy and what’s excessive.

5. (Somehow find the energy to) PLAY!
Make quality family time a healthy experience by picking up a new sport together, going cycling, or simply playing active games at the park.

6. Find a SweatBuddy
…. someone who holds you accountable for your total well-being and is more than happy to catch up with you over workouts and other experiences that go towards your health. Barre today, indoor climbing tomorrow – you’ll always find something the both of you enjoy.

7. Don’t rob yourself of ME-time
Being pulled in every direction daily is stressful, even if you are “used to it”. Find a quiet moment for yourself in the day - just 10 minutes will do - to meditate, take a pampering shower, have a cup of tea – anything that works for you.

Article contributed by The Busy Woman Project.

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