7 simple but overlooked tips that helps introverted parents survive and thrive

7 simple but overlooked tips that helps introverted parents survive and thrive

Being with your kids 24/7 is exhausting, especially when you're an introverted parent. Take care of your needs and be a better parent with these pointers

Parenting is a challenge for everyone, but when you’re an introvert, being a parent becomes much more difficult. As introverted parents, no matter how much you love your children, being around them almost all day can be overwhelming. And we can’t help it!

Because introverts need alone time to get energised, constant interaction with children can make it seem impossible to recharge. But with a little strategising, you can regain the balance you need and be a more effective parent in the process. Here are some tips from The Huffington Post, Quiet Revolution, and Creating a Fair Haven on how to do just that, especially if you’re one of the many introverted parents out there.

7 Simple But Overlooked Tips For Introverted Parents To Survive And Thrive

1. Don’t punish yourself for being who you are

Your introversion is not a flaw; there are in fact many upsides to it. You are able to focus on your tasks, have incredible patience, and thoughtful, amongst many other qualities. 

The reason why you are feeling overwhelmed boils down to how you’re being so attentive and at the moment with your child. You are absorbing their emotions and taking it all in, no wonder you feel so tired. And that’s actually normal. 

Instead of focusing on changing your personality (you can’t), you can look for external solutions to make parenting easier for you. And these ways can be through small changes in your life and home. 

A tip we have: explain to your children that you need to be alone to recharge.

Let them know that you are not ignoring them and you will be with them afterwards, better and renewed. 

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2. Wake up early

Sounds simple right? But it’s not as easy as you may think. Right from the moment we wake up, we are already thinking about what is to unfold throughout the day. Our minds are never still.

Yes, wake up early, but also take this time to be by yourself quietly, helping you to prepare yourself for the day. Take it slowly, instead of going straight to your chores. For just a while, sit down with your cup of coffee, the newspaper, and enjoy these precious moments of silence.

If your kids are early risers as well, let them know that they should stay in their rooms until a designated time so that you can still have this time to yourself.

3. Set an early bedtime

When you have your kids go to bed early, you’ll have more time to yourself. Sending your kids to bed at 7pm doesn’t mean that they have to go to sleep right away—they can read or play quietly, for example—but it’s important for them to know that from that time onwards, you need to rest.

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4. Set daily quiet times

There’s so much going on in our heads throughout the day. If we’re not worrying, we’re thinking. Let’s talk about nap times we set for ourselves, if we even have one. They just aren’t enough to let you recharge your batteries.

If you need more quiet time, create some.

Schedule about 30 minutes a day of quiet time, when your kids can play alone. This is also good for them as it teaches them how to play independently. If you have introverted children, this will also be helpful to them, and it helps them to manage their emotions better as well.

5. Discourage unnecessary noise

This is one thing that introverts cannot live with. Noise. And kids being kids, we let them be. But if they are yelling, tapping, drumming on surfaces, etc, that can be a bit much for us. That’s when you need to tell yourself, okay, I need some quiet. 

Gently explain to your kids, tell them where the boundaries are. Move away if it gets too much for you. They may not understand why so that’s when communication is important. Never play the yelling game. 

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6. Get your kids out of the house

Try to look for a way to get the kids out of your hair, even if it’s only just for the mornings. You can take them to a daycare or a play school—it’ll do wonders for your sanity. 

7. Organise playdates

Playdates sound like a lot of work, but they actually free you up because the kids aren’t as dependent on you for entertainment. If you have extroverted kids, this will also take care of their need for social interaction.


You are stronger than you think, introverted parents. Introverted or not, you don’t have to put a label on yourself. 

We know that you like to give — whether it’s giving your time or making the effort to ensure that everything goes right. But always, always, remember to save some time for yourself everyday, no matter how little that may be.

And that’s not too much to ask, isn’t it? 

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