Disciplining your child: 6 creative disciplinary measures that work

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Try using these 6 unique strategies to discipline your child!


If your child is giving you a tough time, here  are some creative ways to discipline her!

Disciplining your child can be quite challenging, but many parents find it much easier if they have a “bag of tricks” to use, i.e. a variety of techniques and methods for different situations.

So, just on the off chance that disciplining your child becomes a problem, we have compiled a few “out-of-the-box” ideas that might help:

Use hugs

This one works especially for younger kids — I use this on my kids and it works like a charm every time!

If you have a little one who just won’t listen to what you say, try talking to him while you’ve got him locked in a tight bear hug. Or, if your child starts throwing a tantrum, “hug it out” and let her calm down in your arms.

This tactic works for fighting siblings too.

Whenever my kids would start to fight with each other, I would make them face each other, give each other a hug and tell each other that they love each other. It was like pulling teeth to get them to say it, but it helped to ‘defuse’ the situation.

Stand on one foot

Here’s another trick for parents who need to discipline more than one child.

If you find your kids starting to bicker with each other, tell them to face each other and stand on one foot until they want to cooperate and work things out with each other.

It may not seem like a big deal, but after a minute or two, they will most probably start wobbling and giggling. That way, they will be less agitated with each other and want to talk things through.

Wash the windows

I heard of a mum having her children wash the windows when they started being rowdy or undisciplined. She would make them wash the same window until it was sparkling clean — one to do it from the inside; the other from the outside.

Is your child being 'difficult'? Have her wash your windows!

Is your child being ‘difficult’? Have her wash your windows!

Again, this may be more suited for kids who are bickering — they may start out by making nasty faces at each other, but before long they will be making funny faces and laughing at each other!

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