6 amazing phone apps for new mums

6 amazing phone apps for new mums

Check out these phone apps that are making parenting a bit easier for new mums!

apps for new mums

An inside look at Baby Tracker: Nursing app

In this day and age where everyone has a smartphone, numerous developers have introduced a cornucopia of phone apps for new mums. These apps, either relate to breastfeeding, diaper changing, or feeding patterns, which makes a mum’s life easier despite sleep deprivation. While the usage of these phone apps for new mums may be a bit unorthodox for some traditional or conservative females, they are truly worth a try.

Baby Tracker: Nursing

One of the most downloaded phone apps for new mums is the Baby Tracker: Nursing. Sold for S$4.99 on the AppStore, this breastfeeding app is such a great help for mothers who have trouble keeping track of their baby’s feeding schedules. With the help of this app, mothers can record the length of each feeding session and the side that the baby nursed last. The Baby Tracker: Nursing app is also perfect for mothers with twin babies, since multiple data can be recorded at the same time.

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Most breastfeeding mothers drip like crazy whenever they hear their babies cry. But for those mothers who need a bit more help, the iLetDown app is the perfect partner. This particular app mimics a baby’s cry to encourage let down and produce milk on demand. The iLetDown app is suited for working mothers who want to pump breast milk while away from their baby. It costs S$1.00

apps for new mums

An inside look at Baby Activity Logger app

Baby Activity Logger

The Baby Activity Logger is a multitasking app that’s dubbed as one of the best paid phone apps for new mums. It does not only help monitor feedings but also baby burps and naps. All the entered information can be downloaded on to the computer to allow close examination of all the schedule differences. One of the highlight of the Baby Activity Logger is the ability to record your baby’s different milestones such as the first smile, first crawl and more. This app is available for iOS for S$4.99.

apps for new mums

An inside look at Whitenoise Lite app

Whitenoise Lite

Babies need a lot of sleep but some of them just can’t help but wake up when it’s too quiet. The Whitenoise Lite app plays different natural sounds that soothes and assists babies to fall asleep peacefully. With 10 noises to choose from, the mum can’t help but want to sleep/cuddle with their baby as well. This app can be downloaded for free.

apps for new mums

An inside look at Rockabye Baby app

Rockabye Baby

Introduce babies to different genres of music by letting them listen to a variety of tunes ranging from Madonna, Bob Marley, Kanye West and even heavy metal Metallica. Don’t worry about ruining your baby’s eardrums though since all the songs have been converted into instrumental, soothing lullabies. One of the best phone apps for new mothers, Rockabye Baby can be downloaded for free.


Breastfeeding mothers are prohibited to take any form of medication unless deemed safe by a doctor. Now you can double check each drug via the LactMed app. One of the best phone apps for new mums to download, it contains a list of drugs and their possible side effects pertaining to lactation.

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Do you have any recommendations for the best phone apps for new mums? Please share them with us by leaving a comment below. If you need more information on apps that are perfect for soon-to-be mummies, please watch the video below:

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