50 positions to heat up the lovemaking between married couples! *NSFW

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If the good old missionary position has become too routine, check out our list of 50 sex positions to heat up the action in the bedroom!

*WARNING - this article contains sexually explicit illustrations of sex positions. Please do not allow children or young adults to view.

The Toad

The Toad is a simple and ideal position for slower love making. This is a good position when you want a quickie and are too tired for something more elaborate. In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs open resembling a toad in a seated position. Her partner lies between her legs and penetrates. She then wraps her legs around him and uses her feet to guide him by placing gentle pressure on his buttocks.

The Curled Angel

This is an ideal position for pregnant mamas. You just need to lie on your side curled up, while your man spoons you from the back.

The Bridge

This will take a lot of flexibility and strength on the man's part while the woman straddles him. It's a great position for deep penetration and stimulation, and gives the woman control of the movement!

The Hound 

While the woman positions herself on all fours and leans on her forearms, the man enters her from behind and cups her breasts. This position allows for deep penetration and incites stimulation on the nipples.

The Kneel

Kneeling face to face with her partner, the woman straddles the man's thighs so he can enter her. It's an intimate and romantic position as the man gently moves up and down on his knees to penetrate the woman while they kiss each other.

The Peg

It looks tricky, as man and woman lie on their sides while the woman faces the man's feet and curls around his legs. But when performed successfully, it guarantees clitoral stimulation for the woman and tight penetration for the man.

The Ship

In The Ship, the woman sits on top with both legs to one side of her partner. A woman who loves control will love this position, as she can move up and down or in a circular motion. Hubby can also take a bit of control by placing his hands on his wife's bottom and steer her movement.

The Waterfall

Warning: a lot of flexibility is required. While the man sits on a chair, the woman straddles him while leaning back and resting her head on a cushion on the floor. It's quite a submissive position for the woman as the man controls the thrusting.

The Super 8 

Like the Missionary, The Super 8 has the man on top of the woman but with arms outstretched. The woman can put a pillow under her bottom to allow for deep penetration.

The Whisper

The couple lies on their sides, as the man enters her and the woman wraps her legs around his waist and crosses her ankles. It's an intimate position as they can both let their hands explore each other's bodies and they can whisper to each other how they're liking it and what they'd like to do next.

The Basket

In The Basket, the man sits on a firm surface while the woman sits astride him. The position lets the woman be in control of her movements - moving forward and backward, up and down, and in a circular motion - while the man is free to let his kisses roam her face, neck and breasts.

The Balancing Act

This is literally a balancing act! The man lies on his back with legs apart and knees bent, while the woman sits between his thighs. The man is in control of the rhythm, leaving the woman free to stroke herself or massage his perineum.

The Nirvana

Having the woman lie back with her arms up, hands holding onto the bedpost and her legs stretched out and kept together as the man enter her intensifies the natural stimulation of the clitoris.

The Suspended Scissors

Get ready for a workout as this will entail upper arm strength from the wifey. Don't take the illustration literally, though, as the woman will not be suspended in the air. Instead, she'll lie on her side off the edge of the bed with her left hand on the floor propping her up.

In the meantime, the husband steps over his wife's left leg, holds her up from her waist and enters her. It has been said that it helps to conceive a boy when a man is standing up.

The Prone Tiger

With the man sitting up on the bed with legs stretched forward, the woman straddles him with her chest and torso flat on the bed positioned between his legs, her own legs extended and head facing his feet. Women will love this position as they can ask their partners to give them back massage while they slide up and down!

The Erotic V

This position is another test of a couple's acrobatic skills. As the woman sits on the edge of a table, the man stands before her, bending his legs to enter her. Meanwhile, she rests her legs on his shoulders, hooks her hands behind his neck and leans back. The man takes control of the thrusting.

The Zen Pause

This is one way to prolong the passion. As the couple nears climax, they pause and roll onto their sides without pulling out or breaking contact. They slow down the lovemaking and slowly build up to a more astounding peak.

The X Rated

The X Rated position gets its name as the couple's legs crisscross each other. The man lies on his back while the woman lies chest down on top of him with her head facing his feet. Hubby will have a hard time prolonging the pleasure with the visual stimulation he'll get from watching his wife's bottom and hips thrust up and down while in this position!

The Seduction

Prepare to submit to your hubby in this position. An image of total wantonness, the woman kneels and leans back, stretching her arms upward. Positioning himself on top of her with legs straight and forearms supporting his weight, the man enters the woman and uses circular movements or thrusts until they both reach their climax.

The Shoulder Stand

The woman leans on her upper back, shoulders and elbows as she stretches diagonally upward and rests her ankles on her partner's shoulders. The man kneels in front of the woman and positions his knees behind her shoulders with his hands supporting her lower back. She holds on to his thighs for additional leverage.

The Rowing Boat

The couple starts this position with the man lying on his back and the woman straddling him as he enters her. The man sits up and raises his knees so he and his partner are sitting face to face.

The woman in turn wraps her legs around his torso. He slips his arms over her calves and holds her under her knees, while she slips her arms under his knees and grips under her knees. This is a really intimate position as it calls for lots of body and eye contact.

The Landslide 

If you and your partner are up for a challenge, then this is the position for you. The woman lies on her stomach and leans on her forearms. Her legs are slightly apart to provide enough space at the juncture for the man to enter from behind.

The tricky part is when the man attempts to enter the woman. With his front facing her back, he sits on her bottom, leans back at a 45-degree angle and penetrates her. Once the man is inside, the woman closes her legs to create a tighter fit.

The Shoulder Holder

In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs high up in the air. The man kneels facing the woman and holds her legs on one of his shoulders. He leans forward and enters her. For the woman, this will give your legs a nice good stretch - a warmup for more complicated positions like The Squat Balance!

The Lustful Leg

We suggest stretching the legs first before attempting this position. If there's a height difference, use a staircase or any heightened surface to align the pelvises.

The man bends his knees and lifts the woman's leg, placing it on his shoulder. She puts her arms around his neck and leans back as he straightens up and enters her. 

The Glowing Triangle

While it looks like The Missionary position, this one has the man on all fours as the woman lifts her hips to prepare for penetration. The woman does all the pumping while the man maintains his position.

The Magic Mountain

The "magic mountain" is a pile of firm pillows on which the woman leans over. The man kneels behind her with his legs on the outside while entering her.

The Stair Master

Especially for newly married couples, this is one way to "bless" your new home together. On a set of stairs, the woman kneels in front of her partner while holding onto the banisters for support. The man is on a lower step, holding her hips while entering her from behind.

The Sidekick

In this position, the woman lies on her side with the man kneeling behind her and facing her head. He stretches a leg between her legs and enters her. He then holds onto her hips to control the thrusting movement. He can even take the moment to give her a good back rub. No wife wouldn't want an opportunity to receive some lovin' AND get a little back massage in the process from her husband, right?

The Proposal

In this position, both man and woman kneel face-to-face on one knee (e.g. if choosing the right knee, then both kneel on their right knee), like they're proposing to one another. The Proposal will take a lot of practice and perfect aiming. Penetration is achieved successfully by leaning forward and backward.

The G Force

In this position, the woman lies on her back and pulls her knees up to her chest. The man kneels in front of her and holds onto her feet as he thrusts inside her as deep as he can get - deep enough to reach her G-spot!

The Slide

A man will love the extra tightness this position brings as he enters her woman, who slides up and down on top of him with her legs together.

The Seated Ball

Feeling your man raining kisses on your back while thrusting inside you is certainly an erotic experience. Couples should only try this position if they're flexible enough. With the man in a sitting position, the woman crouches in front of him while he enters her. She rocks slowly on her heels while the man plants kisses along her back.

The Rock and Roller

50 positions to heat up the lovemaking between married couples! *NSFW
Here's another position that requires no effort at all from the woman but guarantees her the most fun! She lies on her back and stretches her legs over her head, like she's about to do a backward roll. The man in turn kneels over her and keeps her legs up while thrusting inside her.

The Reclining Lotus

Like a lotus flower, the woman lies on her back and crosses her legs. The man positions himself on top of her and enters from above. With the legs wide open, this position guarantees deep penetration. To keep the man's full weight off the woman, he should brace himself on his arms.

Ascent to Desire

The man will need super arm and back strength to carry his partner as he enters her. To do this successfully, start by sitting on the edge of the bed with the woman on top. As the man stands, the woman can help by pushing off of the edge of the bed with her feet. If this position is performed without a hitch, the weight of the woman will allow for deep penetration.

The Supernova

Now THIS is for the super limber and adventurous; definitely not for the fainthearted. With the woman squatting on top, the man leans back over the edge of the bed with his head, shoulders and arms hanging loose. The woman in turn leans back on her hands with her knees bent and feet on the bed, bouncing up and down for both of them to reach their climax.

The Squat Balance

This entails some legwork and thigh muscle power on the woman's part. The woman stands on a heightened surface like a bed or chair, while the man stands behind her on the floor. He guides her to a sitting position, with her back leaning on his chest and her knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and then enters her from behind.

The Lotus Blossom

In this position, the man sits cross-legged while the woman sits on him and wraps her legs around his waist. He uses his arms to embrace and hands to caress her.

The Amazon

The couple sits on a chair with the woman on top and facing the man. With her feet on the floor, she can bounce up and down until they reach their peak.

The Rocking Horse

The ladies will love this one as they get full control in this position. The man simply sits cross-legged and leans back, supported by his hands behind him. The woman straddles him, bouncing up and down, moving forward and backward or rotating her pelvis and determining the speed of her motions.

The Fan

With her back to her partner, the woman leans on the back of a chair while the man enters from behind. Expect deep penetration in this position as the front walls of the vagina and the G spot are stimulated.

The Frog

With the man sitting on the edge of bed with feet on the ground, the woman squats in front of him with her back facing his front. The man can control her movements by placing his hands on her bottom and moving her up and down, or he can use his hands to stimulate her clitoris and breasts.

The Snail

To achieve The Snail, the woman lies on her back, pulls her knees up and rests her feet on her partner's shoulders. In the meantime, the man is on his knees in front of her, leaning forward with his hands beside her shoulders as he enters her. Get ready for deep penetration in this position!

The Classic

A variation of the missionary position, The Classic has the woman lying with a pillow underneath her bottom to tilt her pelvis upwards. This allows for deeper penetration, which is both relaxing and stimulating.

The Visitor

It's a position you can do for those can't-wait-to-get-home-must-do-it-here-and-now moments with your partner. If height difference is a problem, the woman (or man, if he's the shorter one) can stand on a staircase or any inclined surface to align the pelvises.

The Fold

Sometimes a woman loves to relinquish control but still enjoy maximum stimulation. The Fold is the perfect position for these times. The man sits on the bed as she faces him, straddling his hips while bending her knees and lies back. The man can lean forward to kiss and caress her face, chest and stomach.

The Butterfly

Like The Erotic V position, the woman positions herself on a heightened surface like a table while the man faces her. She leans back and rests her legs over his shoulders as he enters her. To help lift her hips, she uses her arms to pull up while he grabs her bottom for additional support. The couple will enjoy a session of deep penetration with this position.

The Peg

The man stretches on his back while the woman lies on top between his legs as he thrusts inside her. This is the perfect position for complete body contact, kissing and caressing.

What position will you be trying out tonight? ;) 


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Roshni Chugani