5-year-old cancer patient inspires

5-year-old cancer patient inspires

Five-year-old Colin is battling Neuroblastoma with a smile, a cancer that affects the nervous system. Read more about the inspiring journey.

boy battles neuroblastoma Band of hope for Colin, a 5-year-old cancer patient

A boy named Colin

At the age of five, Colin from Hong Kong suffers from Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. Cancer is always an excruciating battle. For a boy as young as Colin to go through so much pain and discomfort must definitely be traumatising.

We had an exclusive interview with Colin’s mother, Eileen, and she very graciously shared details about agonising treatments the brave little boy has to undergo.

She tells us, “Sometimes I feel he is more likely to survive this ordeal rather than I.”

Despite constant pain and discomfort, Colin does not despair. Instead, he remains jovial and always dons a sunshine smile, awaiting the day he finally recovers.

Colin’s courageous battle

Colin had to undergo a total of five chemotherapy cycles and since his diagnosis in February, he has completed four of them. He is given 21 days in between each cycle so that he can rest from the side effects of his chemo sessions.

One of the side effects include a low blood count, which results in low immune resistance from infections so that he has persistent high fevers of more than 40 degrees. To help him get past his low blood count, he has gone through several blood transfusions. Colin also has a thinning of the mucous membrane, which causes him to have nose bleeds, mouth ulcers, sores and bleeding from his anus lining. He is also subjected to severe stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

After his first chemo session, Colin experienced a non-stop bleeding and even vomited blood. At that point of time, his loved ones believed that “that was it”. But to this very day, Colin has been strong and remains smiling. Colin still has to undergo an unbearable 8-hour surgery on the 28th of June to remove his adrenal gland, with radiation therapy, stem cell transplant and anti-body treatment.

It is the journey of this spirited little boy that reminds us all how precious life is; and he will never fail to inspire us with his unrelenting courage. He truly is a beloved gem.

Boy suffering from neuroblastoma In spite of painful treatments, he persists smiling

Taking simple things for granted

Whenever Colin complains of his hunger, it brings immense joy and relief to Eileen and all his loved ones. She says, “The simplest words can mean so much”. It tugs at our heartstrings when we realise how much Colin’s family cherishes trivial things like his ability to eat, or even smile. How often do we take ordinary aspects of daily life for granted; how often do we contemplate how lucky we are?

Because all these simple things that we never really pause to think about can mean the world to Colin and his family.

Band of Hope for Colin

Friends of Colin’s started ‘Band of Hope for Colin’ on May of this year to promote awareness and raise funds for his treatment. According to Khing, a friend of Colin’s mother, the name ‘Band of Hope’ suggests banding together to garner support for Colin.

As part of the charity, ‘Band of Hope for Colin’ is selling wristbands and T-shirts as means for people to donate to the cause and help Colin get better. Please visit the Facebook page and contact Khing if you wish to make a proceed.

Helping parents cope

Surely, it is heart-breaking watching your child suffer from cancer. News that your beloved child is sick may still leave you in disbelief. Childhood cancer is as painful for caregivers as it is for patients.

These children require a large amount of care and support. Taking care of a child cancer patient is extremely demanding and taxing for caregivers and parents, in terms of treatment costs and time.

Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) not only focuses on their patients, it offers much needed support for caregivers as well. Apart from financial assistance, CCF’s team of dedicated social workers and professionals provides counseling and casework to ease the lives of families with children suffering from cancer.

Do check out the CCF website for more details. Tell us what you think about this heart touching story! We'd love to hear from you. For more on Neuroblastoma, watch this video:

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