5 Ways millennial parents are more awesome than given credit for

5 Ways millennial parents are more awesome than given credit for

Parents nowadays catch a lot of flak from older generations, but here are the ways millennial parents are more awesome than given credit for!

Stop me if you’ve heard someone of an older generation say anything similar to these phrases: “Back in my day”, “When I was your age”, or the timeless classic, “Kids these days…”

These are the result of time changing and adapting the current generation into their own unique blend of characters and individuals. As the pages fly off the calendars, the general culture, attitudes, and values of the population shift and change. As a result, the previous generation will always–I repeat–always think that the culture, attitudes, and values of their time was better.

Nowadays, the generation that catches the most flak is the group known as the millennials. For those who aren’t aware, a millennial is an individual who was born between the years of 1980 and 2000.

While it’s expected to receive criticism from generation’s past, on has to ask themselves, “Why do millennials receive so much flak?”

millennial parents are more awesome

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Sure, over time this current generation has displayed some qualities that aren’t exactly…redeeming (for example, our obsession with selfies, Pokemon Go and finding the perfect Instagram filter). However, every previous generation has their own unique shortcomings and downfalls as well.

There may be some qualities that other generations will criticize until the end of their days, but when it comes to parenting, millennials have their own set of values and qualities that make them more awesome than they’re given credit for. That’s why today, we’re gonna look at those awesome traits and celebrate the positives that millennial parents have to offer:

1. Millennial parents are ambitious

The millennial generation has always been encouraged to pursue their own personal interests. As a result, they experimented with their passions through the guis of a variety of extracurriculars as children. When they grew into their later years, those creative little ones grew to be ambitious individuals with interests, desires, and passions that go far beyond the routine 9 to 5 mentality.

That means that for as much backlash as millennials get for their desire to be creative on the side, they’re actually displaying their ambition and drive…which is obviously an incredible quality for parents to adopt.


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2. Millennials understand technology and how it impacts kids

The importance of understanding technology and it’s propensity to adapt and change speaks for itself. Furthermore, it’s important to understand the great impact it has on society; this includes your kids. Millennials have the leg up on the previous generations because we all grew up with technology and have a better, deeper understanding of how it works. That means when the new iPhone comes out, we have an understanding of how it works, and how our kids will try to use it. In the age of technology, it’s important to know how kids can interact with the world through tech. Luckily, millennials are able to  do keep up with the ever evolving technological world.


3. Millennial parents care more

We’re not saying your mom (or her mom before her) are devoid of emotions and compassion, but the fact of the matter is that this current generation of adults grew up in a more “open arms” world. We currently are in a state of political correctness, and everyone is more caring, and more sensitive. Past generations may argue that being a tough, hard nosed parent is a more effective strategy, but on the other end of the spectrum millennials argue that the best way to raise kids is by caring.

millennial parents are more awesome

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4. Millennials are masters of multitasking

Say what you will about how many Millennials have the attention span of a crazed squirrel, but at least we make up for it with the ability to multitask like no generation could ever imagine. Because we grew up with TV, computers, and more tech than the last wave of adults, we’re able to process more things simultaneously. You can imagine how that’s a huge benefit for parents. Being able to multitask and juggle activities in a house full of youngsters is a quality no modern mommy or daddy would depart with.


5. Millennial parents don’t “work for the man”

In a world full of start-ups, and GoFundMe pages, it’s easy to see that the concept of “the man” is having a lesser effect on modern adults. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with working for a multinational corporation, but lots of today;s adults are flocking towards start-ups and stay-at-home employment options.. Whether you find that a positive or negative aspect in regards to your career is a matter of opinion. However, there’s no denying that a flexible work schedule, and the ability to stay ome more often benefits your family life, and relationship with your kids.



This article was based on an article originally shared by The Huffington Post


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