5 tried and tested nappy rash remedies

5 tried and tested nappy rash remedies

Keep your baby’s bumbum smooth and free of rashes by familiarizing yourself with these nappy rash remedies.

nappy rash

Nappy rash is very easy to identify. It usually starts as a pinkish patch on the skin. If left untreated, it will become red and inflamed. Some nappy rash appear shiny and dry while others rashes are wet with tiny pimple-like growths.

Nappy rash primarily affects the baby’ bottom but it can also spread in the inner thighs and genitals. This rash isn’t harmful but it does cause discomfort and even pain depending on severity. However, a severe diaper rash could develop into a yeast or bacterial infection if left untreated.

Nappy rash remedies

Diaper rash solutions

Diaper rash solutions

When your child has diaper rashes, there really isn’t a need to go to the doctor because it can be easily treated at home. With consistent and meticulous care, your baby shouldn’t get this rash anymore.

Here are some tried and tested nappy rash remedies that are recommended by the mommy readers of theAsianparent.com. These parents swear by these remedies so your baby’s diaper rash should be gone in no time!

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Desitin maximum strength nappy cream

This pediatrician-approved cream is very effective in soothing and clearing up diaper rashes. Apply a thin layer (because the cream is thick) on the rash before putting on the diaper. For immediate results, forego the diaper for a few hours once the cream is applied. If Desitin isn’t available, try Sudocrem or Drapolene. For babies with sensitive skin, Weleda calendula baby creams works wonders. All these creams are also proven effective as nappy rash remedies.

Desitin and Drapolene creams are readily available in most pharmacies while Sudocrem can be found at any MotherCare store. For the Weleda calendula baby cream, check out the 4 Seasons Organic Market at Parkway Parade basement area.

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Paw Paw ointment or cream

Made from natural ingredients, the Paw Paw ointment or cream is one of the most sought after nappy rash remedies. This product is safe unlike other medicinal creams that may cause irritations or have side effects. Apart from diaper rashes, the Paw Paw ointment or cream can also be used to cure chapped lips and soothe minor burns.


Chamomile tea bags

Chamomile is famous for its calming and healing properties so it isn’t a surprise that several moms use it as one of their preferred nappy rash remedies. To treat diaper rash with chamomile, soak a muslin cloth in freshly brewed chamomile tea and wring out some of the excess liquid. Place the muslin inside the diaper and let your child wear it for a few minutes.


Wash frequently

One of the most reiterated nappy rash remedies is maintaining good hygiene. Wash your baby’s bottom frequently with warm water and mild cleanser like Cetaphil. Cleaning using baby wipes is just not enough. Don’t forget to dry the area thoroughly.


No diaper

Because soiled diapers are main culprits of diaper rash, it is best to forego diaper wearing whenever possible. Let your child go commando when at home for a clean, fresh feel. Use a rubber mat with a soft cloth on top during diaper-less play times.


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