5 tech-free playtime ideas

5 tech-free playtime ideas

Craving tech-free family time together? Get your kids away from their gadgets and relive the carefree days before social networking and video games.

tech free playtime

Ideas for tech free playtime: Building blocks!

1. Doodle away

Put away the iPad and bring out your child’s inner artist . The only equipment needed are colouring pencils, paints or crayons, sheets of paper and a vivid imagination. You can display their creations on the refrigerator and create your own art gallery at home.

2. Grow a mini garden

In Singapore it’s difficult for kids to be in contact with nature. Why not start a herb garden together at home? Collect leftover large glass jars, clay pots or plastic trays and fill them with compost from a gardening supply shop. Seeds for herbs such as cilantro and basil are now sold in packets. Kids will love tending to their plants and it teaches them responsibility and patience.

3. Have fun in the kitchen

Get the kids involved in their meals and they will learn to appreciate their food and experience a real sense of satisfaction. Let them choose what to make from a few recipes you have selected. You can prepare simple dishes together such as pizza or sandwich wraps or decorate cakes and biscuits.  Nevermind if the kitchen is in a mess– you can always clean up afterwards.

4. Play boredom-free board games

In the digital age of gaming, try scheduling a board game night. Get classic games like Risk, Scrabble or Monopoly, which are now updated with variations to bridge the generation gap.

5. Build with blocks

Kids can build with wooden blocks or construct items with Lego (or a similar product). It is amazing at the various things kids will make: spaceships, cars, or houses. When the kids have finished,  put the finished creations on display on a shelf in the home.

Remember : Your family has to live life in balance. Bonding with your kids sans technology is becoming more and more important these days. It may seem hard to find something to do together but it’s well worth the time.

What are some other ideas you have for hobbies to start with your kids?

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Felicia Chin

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