5 Sex Secrets Your Wife Wants To Tell You But Doesn't Know How

5 Sex Secrets Your Wife Wants To Tell You But Doesn't Know How

Men and women are total opposites when it comes to the ways they get turned on. Here are 5 sex secrets your wife might not tell you... so men, listen on and jot these down!

1. A little initiative goes a long way

Husbands, here's a mind-boggling tip to get your wife in the mood: start being sexy outside of the bedroom. By sexy I mean doing-the-dishes and mopping-up-the-floor kind of sexy. Married women often find it a turn-on that their husbands takes initiative around the house. So time to fix that broken sink on your own accord. It'll get you far.

2. Sweet talk dirty

Men think about sex looong before they're married, whereas women imagine marriage as a lifetime of deep connection. Women tend to think more romantically — loving words, a warm embrace, and lots of cuddling. Men tend to think more sexually and likes sex because it's well...sex. Know that it takes more than just talking dirty to get her in the mood.

3. Make her feel beautiful


There's nothing more comforting than having the reassurance that your man will always be the one who's blind to your flaws. Accepting your wife just as she is will only make her feel more beautiful and comfortable with herself and in turn, she'll give her all when it comes to sex.

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4. Be understanding, not demanding


There will be times when your wife would rather sleep, and so she offers it to you as a loving gift. Accept the gift and don't be offended if that's all that happens. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you.

Never demand it if she doesn't want to give you more. If she's not feeling it, the more likely it is that she will never want sex. It then becomes a chore to her. Women want sex to be sacred, but if you demand it every day, it can become a task she dreads. Pace yourself.

5. Check her out — give a compliment or two


Dear husbands, even if your wife has given birth to 5 kids, you should still find her as attractive as ever.

She wants to believe that you will keep pursuing her even after you've got her. She wants to feel like she's worth it to you. She wants to feel safe with you and know that you'll never leave.

Sexual intimacy should be a beautiful expression of love, not a power play. Showering her with random compliments will definitely sort out her insecurities. But don't just treat her as a sexual object!  Showing kindness and trust during the day can enhance what happens at night.

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Tay Siew Ming

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