5 recommended booster seats for your kid

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Read about the pros and cons of 5 booster seats used at the dinner table.

We know the little ones are too tiny to sit at the dinner table and eat comfortably without a highchair. To save you the pain of sourcing, we have researched and reviewed — with help from experienced mums and dads — five booster seats that are the best for your precious ones!

1. Totseat

booster seats

It is extremely convenient to bring Totseat to places without a high chair.

Totseat fits on all chairs and secures with a clip as compared to tying like other similar booster seats. Dubbed ‘washable squashable’, it is easy-to-clean and easy-to-pack. It also comes with a handy-carry bag which is perfect for travel! Your little one would sit comfortably and securely during dinnertime.

A small inconvenience is that you might have to prop your kid up with a cushion so he or she doesn’t sit too low at the table.

Where you can buy it: At the Totseat website and Amazon. Our readers have also sighted them at Cold storage, Great World City!

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2. Gro-Chair Harness

booster seats

Gro-Chair Harness can fit on any chair with a backing.

This is rated the best for being the most compact, as it fits in a pouch and can be brought with you anywhere when you dine with your baby. However, this only works on chairs with a sturdy back. The Gro-Chair Harness is extremely useful if you travel or eat out often and are looking for convenience.

Where you can buy it: Gro Store and BabyOnline SG

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Read on for reviews of pod-type booster seats.

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