5 recommended booster seats for your kid

5 recommended booster seats for your kid

Read about the pros and cons of 5 booster seats used at the dinner table.

We know the little ones are too tiny to sit at the dinner table and eat comfortably without a highchair. To save you the pain of sourcing, we have researched and reviewed — with help from experienced mums and dads — five booster seats that are the best for your precious ones!

1. Totseat

booster seats

It is extremely convenient to bring Totseat to places without a high chair.

Totseat fits on all chairs and secures with a clip as compared to tying like other similar booster seats. Dubbed ‘washable squashable’, it is easy-to-clean and easy-to-pack. It also comes with a handy-carry bag which is perfect for travel! Your little one would sit comfortably and securely during dinnertime.

A small inconvenience is that you might have to prop your kid up with a cushion so he or she doesn’t sit too low at the table.

Where you can buy it: At the Totseat website and Amazon. Our readers have also sighted them at Cold storage, Great World City!

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2. Gro-Chair Harness

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Gro-Chair Harness can fit on any chair with a backing.

This is rated the best for being the most compact, as it fits in a pouch and can be brought with you anywhere when you dine with your baby. However, this only works on chairs with a sturdy back. The Gro-Chair Harness is extremely useful if you travel or eat out often and are looking for convenience.

Where you can buy it: Gro Store and BabyOnline SG

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Read on for reviews of pod-type booster seats.

3. My Little Seat

booster seats

Unlike the other booster seats, My Little Seat has an extra harness to strap your little one in.

A harness-type booster seat like the Totseat and the Gro-Chair Harness, My Little Seat provides the most security out of the three. It has a five-point harness system that the others do not have. This is good for the wriggling kiddos, or those who are able to sit up but are still fairly unstable. It ensures that they are kept safe at dinner and not topple over.

The fabulous fabric is double-thick, lightweight, and extremely durable– it also comes in many patterns!

Where to buy it:  My Little Seat WebsiteMy Petite Love  and Amazon

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4. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

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With Inglesina Fast Table Chair, you don’t even need a chair to place your booster seat on.

Compact and secure, the Inglesina flat table chair can be suspended from a table. We especially love this as the little one can sit close to the table to prevent mess (like food spillage!) and is upright at an appropriate height.

Where you can buy it: Inglesina websiteFishpond (free shipping to Singapore!) and Amazon

Read on for more booster seats we love.

5. Mountain Buggy Pod Chair

mountain buggy pod

Your little one’s feet dangle freely in the Mountain Buggy Pod.

Much like the Inglesina Flat Table Chair, the Mountain Buggy Pod is fastened onto the edge of the table. It is more compact and lighter than the Inglesina (both can be folded), but the back provides less padding for your child.

We would recommend the Inglesina for more support, but the Mountain Buggy for easier portability.

Where to buy it: Mountain Buggy website and Amazon

Here is a video demonstrating the use of harness booster seats, particularly the Tot Seat:

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