Couples Fight Because of These 5 Reasons

Couples Fight Because of These 5 Reasons

Bickering in a relationship is considered as a norm. But why do couples fight even if they love each other so much? Find out more about this and learn how to stop arguing with your partner.

Couples are two different individuals with varying opinions and insights in life so it is expected that arguments and fights will happen. But what if the fighting is occurring all too often? Does this mean that the couples do not love each other anymore? Is their relationship doomed? Why do these couples fight?

Lack of Communication

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Communication is a key ingredient for any marriage

Most couples fight because they don’t understand each other and this is not because they don’t know each other that well. They argue because they don’t convey their emotions to their partners. They prefer to sulk and pout until they blow up. This cycle continues every time the couples disagree about something.

Couples need to learn to how to talk about their feelings without getting mad. They need to understand that their partners do not read minds and won’t know how they feel if they do not tell them. When talking, they should maintain a level and open mind. Constant communication is a must in all relationships to avoid couples fight.

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Marriage needs intimacy

Marriage needs intimacy

Couples complain about sex – that they’re getting too much or too little. Sometimes, it is also about the fact that one person is selfish and refuses to satisfy the other.

Whatever the couples’ sex problem may be, they should at least make it a habit to make out. The increase of intimacy brought on by hugging, kissing and groping can open a lot of opportunities to correct what is currently troubling the relationship’s sexual department. In time, the solution will finally be found. Talking about what you like sexually while making out helps a lot as well.

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Do you fight fair?

Do you fight fair?

People who always think that they are always right constantly get into arguments. This is because they often get defensive and refuse to admit that they are wrong. Pride is important in maintaining a person’s self-esteem, but people with extremely high pride aren’t liked by others.

A person doesn’t have to submit to her partner always. But saying sorry and admitting mistakes is a requirement when one is in a relationship as it eliminates a lot of petty arguments.



Do you still FB with your ex?

Some people just can’t let go of the past and tend to dwell on their partner’s exes. Oftentimes, they also compare themselves to the exes. This isn’t healthy and could be damaging to a person’s confidence level.

Past is past. Couples should just forget about the past and concentrate on the present. So what if he has a better body or she had a high paying job, you are the now. Focus on making yourself better and the relationship stronger instead.

Annoying Quirks

It's important to accept each other's quirks

It’s important to accept each other’s quirks

All people have bad habits but what starts couples fight is the fact that they don’t want to at least try to change or get rid of these habits.

Habits are very hard to overcome but constantly nagging your partner to change is going to make everything even harder too. Instead of nagging, ask him change one thing that you find annoying by changing something that he finds annoying in you. Compromise always works.

Fighting doesn’t mean that a relationship won’t work. It is the lack of trying not to fight that makes a relationship fail. Why do you think couples fight? Do you have another reason to share? How about you? Why do you and your partner fight? Please share your stories.

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