5 print apps to keep you motivated at work

5 print apps to keep you motivated at work

As working mums and dads, sometimes all we need is a dash of inspiration to motivate us to achieve our work goals. Check out the latest print apps by HP that help to bring out the best in you at work!

Being parents almost always means that our days are filled with tasks and routines, as we attempt to meet the needs of our kids. But for most of us, there’s also our full time job that we attend to at least 5 days a week – the one which gets us up early in the morning to make a mad dash to the office.

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Need some inspiration to keep you motivated at work? Check out the motivational print apps that come with your HP printer…

From being mum and dad at home, we then do our best to be a motivated employee and inspirational leader at work. This involves staying updated on the latest business trends through various tools and resources, as we shift our focus on work goals.

Here are some print apps from HP that offer great insights to inspire all working mums and dads, as we strive to stay focused, organised and motivated at work.

1. Tony Robbins

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Check out this print app on your HP printer – Tony Robbins: Catalyst for Change

Over the last few decades, life success coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins has been the go-to resource for insights on achieving success. Now you can jump right in and get started on your work goals with the Tony Robbins: Catalyst for Change print app. Create breakthroughs with unique insights on various topics, and make an action plan with proven steps from Tony Robbins. Get your daily inspirational boost with the printouts featured in this app that are categorised in three sections: Peak Performance, Business Growth, and Time and Life.

2. Manager Tools

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Have the Manager Tools newsletter delivered to your HP printer tray through the print app.

Manager Tools is the world’s leading business podcast portal that reaches out to over 75,000 managers every week, across 140 countries worldwide. Each podcast features a series of simple steps that managers can practice to help them manage their team well and be good team leaders. With the Manager Tools HP print app, you can now access the content featured in the podcasts in a daily newsletter format, delivered straight to your printer tray.

3. Leadership by Stever Robbins

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Get tips on being a good manager with the Leadership by Stever Robbins print app on your HP printer

For working mums and dads who are involved in the leadership function at work, this print app by career coach and leading entrepreneur Stever Robbins provides useful information and advice on being a good leader. Among the content covered in the printouts include tips on staying ahead in the business, and getting to the basics of developing effective strategic and interpersonal skills.

4. Executive Life

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Preview of an insightful article from the Executive Life print app on your HP printer

Need some reading material to help you plot your way to success in your career and the business world? The Executive Life offers insightful articles written by well-known leaders in the corporate world to help you deal with change, achieve your career goals and work towards moving ahead in business. Here’s to looking forward to the next big step in your career!

5. Comics To Do List

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Manage your work tasks with this cheerful comics to do list. Simply access the print app from your HP printer.

The key to getting your work tasks done on time is to have them organised in a simple to do list daily. This system helps to give you a bird’s eye view of all work due for the day and to keep track of the remaining tasks as you cross items off the list. The Comics To Do List print app helps to put some cheer to your checklist by featuring your favourite comic characters such as Dilbert, Garfield, For Better or For Worse, Peanuts and Doonesbury. Who says you can’t put in some fun to your work schedule?

We hope that the print apps featured in this article will help you maintain a good balance between work and family life. Do take time to read the articles available from each print app to keep you motivated at work, and make use of the cheerful comics to do list to keep your daily tasks organised. Don’t forget to log on to www.hp.com.sg/homeprinting for more motivational HP print apps, and have your news articles scheduled and printed from selected HP web-connected printers . This service is offered in addition to wireless printing solutions from HP, allowing you to print from virtually anywhere, anytime and from the widest range of mobile devices.

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