5 Great Benefits of Drawing With Your Child Every Day

5 Great Benefits of Drawing With Your Child Every Day

Learning and growing begins at home, so it is important to engage in activities that help your kids' development. Drawing with your child is one example, and here are five reasons why.

Learning begins at home, and as a parent, you serve as your child’s first teacher. There are many things that your little one can learn from you, such as communicating with others and understanding their own emotions. They also gain basic life skills at home like reading, time management, and even folding laundry.

The simple activities you do with your child at home help supplement their learning. Apart from the usual bedtime storytelling, singing, and sensory play, drawing with your child is another beneficial activity that you can do.

Plus with the holidays right around the corner, why not take this time to start drawing with your child? The season of lights and Christmas cheer makes it the perfect opportunity for you to adopt this daily habit. You can start by having your little one design Christmas cards of gift tags for the family. Including them in tasks such wrapping and gifting, will serve to give them a sense of ownership as well.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start drawing with your child everyday!

1. Benefits of drawing: Develop your child’s fine motor skills

5 Great Benefits of Drawing With Your Child Every Day

Fine motor skills are important for your child to develop because they are necessary for completing everyday activities and tasks.

The moment your child learns how to hold a pencil, a whole world of opportunity opens up for you to help develop her fine motor skills and enhance her dexterity. These are important things for her to master early on because these skills are essential in performing daily tasks.

When drawing with your child, be observant of her dominant hand. Check that the pencil is always gripped properly as well. With better hand control, you will start to see squiggly doodles turn into more solid lines and curves.

Eventually, your child will learn to draw objects, people, and places. Joining her in drawing encourages her to keep practising. You could make a game out of it, challenging each other to sketch or copy different things.

2. Daily drawing practice can hone your child’s innate artistry and creativity

Children are naturally creative. Through drawing with your child, you can help nurture this natural artistry and creativity.

With a pencil in hand, there is no limit to what your child can create. Talk to her as she draws to find out what she is creating. You might be surprised at how ordinary squares are castles and curves are fierce dragons to an imaginative and creative child.

3. Art can be used as a teaching tool for visual learners

Some kids are visual learners. This means that they learn better through images. If you have a visual learner, drawing with your child can be a good way for you to teach her new things and ideas.

You can ask your child to draw her answers to your questions. Some things that you can ask about are her favorite toys, food, cartoon characters and places she has seen.

As she learns the letters of the alphabet, you can ask your child to label her drawings. This gives you the chance to teach her how to properly spell certain words and to also practice her penmanship. This way, learning goes beyond art and moves into other skills that she will need for school.

4. Children can learn to express themselves through art

benefits of drawing

Drawing with your child gives you the opportunity to teach self-expression through art. Show your little one that drawing can be used as a way to show her emotions, thoughts, likes, and dislikes.

Through the use of symbols, colours

and shadows in their drawings, the personalities of children come through. Making this a shared activity not only allows kids to express themselves, but also helps parents learn more about them.


5. Working on an illustration together can be a good bonding activity for the whole family

benefits of drawing

Looking for a non-gadget activity to do at home? Bond over art!

Drawing together can be a great non-gadget bonding activity for your family. Make it more fun by exploring different activity options when drawing with your child. One idea is to finish each other’s pictures, with each family member pitching in to complete the illustration.

You can also cut out a subject from a magazine and collaborate on creating an interesting setting and scenery for it. If you want to work with color, make random crayon scribbles on paper and have your little one draw over the scribbles to form an image.

Make drawing with your child a regular activity to boost his learning and development. It will also be a fun experience for you to see the different works of art that you create while making precious memories with each other.

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