5 diets that just don’t work in Singapore

5 diets that just don’t work in Singapore

Diets are tough, but living in a country so rich in food culture, sure makes it even harder. Here are 5 diets that just won’t work when you’re surrounded by this much food!

Ready to embark on a new diet? Before you do, here are five diets that don’t work here, in Singapore.

1. Super Low-Carb Diets

5 diets that just don’t work in Singapore

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Right off the bat, this one seems pretty impossible. No carbs would mean no rice, and no rice to us Singaporeans is an extremely daunting feat. We’re used to ‘zhi char’ which essentially, is rice and dishes. If we’re being honest, what fun are dishes if they’re separated from their most charming partner, rice!

This is definitely one of the many diets that don’t work in Singapore, we’re surrounded by the likes of too many delicious carbs.

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2. Diets with Timings

Any diet that requires you stop eating after a certain time, or stick to a strict schedule, is going to require some serious willpower! Especially, if you’re living in this 24-hour city of food – really good food at that.

The city that never sleeps is also the city that never stops eating. So trying to put a strict time frame in order to shed the pounds, is probably not going to last more than a day – at most!

3. 1,200-Calorie Diets

diets that don't work

While calorie counting makes perfect sense, 1200 calories a day here in Singapore sounds like quite the joke. Do you love your roti prata, do you enjoy fried char kway teow? Yes? Well, then we hate to break it to you but if you want to get through this diet, you’re going to have to do away with all of that local guilty goodness.

A plate of char kway teow, on average, has around 745 calories. This means that you can have that one plate and perhaps a grilled chicken sandwich. We guarantee you’re not going to be very happy (or full) at the end of the day.

4. Detox Diets

Definitely, another one to add to our list, detox diets just don’t work here in Singapore. Why? Detox diets usually require you to cut most forms of oil, sugars, and anything else that tastes remotely delicious. So if you’re going on a detox you’re likely to have a long list of ingredients that you need to avoid during the course of your diet.

diets that don't work

What is tricky about our very delicious, very local cuisine is that even if you think a dish is healthy, we’re pretty sure there are at least 3 things about it that make it very unhealthy for you! Take “satay” for example, grilled meat on a stick – sounds relatively good for you, no? Sure, until you realise you have a peanut dipping sauce, laden with oil and sugar. Not to mention the delightful squares of “ketupat” that go alongside!

5. Crash Diets

These are probably the least healthy thing you could do to your body! Further, trying to go three days simply on a juice mix that promises a 7 kg drop in your body weight, is as bad for you as it sounds. Not only are you depriving yourself of nutrients that you actually need for your body to function, most of the weight you lose is likely to be water weight. Meaning that the second you come off this diet, you’re going to gain that weight back!

You’re going to end up dehydrated, with low-blood sugar levels, and an even greater hankering for every local delight known to the Singaporean woman!

In all seriousness, mummies, we know how hard it is to be watching the kids, handling your careers, keeping the house nice and trying to take care of yourselves.

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The diets we’ve mentioned above are strict and often merciless. Not to mention many of them are unhealthy and don’t do your metabolism any good either. Meaning that while you may lose weight for the short period after your diet, you’re likely to quickly gain that weight back.

We suggest that you aim to eat things in moderation. Look for the healthier options wherever you can, and follow simple rules like not snacking in between meals. Go ahead and treat yourself once in awhile but remember balance is always key to taking care of your body and health!

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