Kids and extra marital affairs

Kids and extra marital affairs

Adults tend to think that young kids are clueless when it comes to sex. They won’t know better until they are taught, right? Wrong! This little one exposed that mummy was sleeping with someone other than daddy…

Kids and extra marital affairsKids are curious creatures, especially when it comes to sex because all humans are innately sexual beings—and the discovery is made while we are still young.

There is no point trying to hide from your kids. Be careful too, especially if you’re doing something you’re not supposed to.

One man found out that his wife’s latest conquest/affair was with a Caucasian man. He had not hired a detective but had the best undercover ever--his own son. His four-year-old son had actually taken naked photos of his mom with another man—doing the naughty.

In July, a Singaporean woman, 30, was reportedly sleeping in a flat in the Woodlands when 31-year-old hubby, R, found out about the extra-marital affair.

An accidental discovery

R was not even suspicious but one day he simply wanted to check out the digital camera he had given his wife as a present. He scrolled through the photos in the memory card and was surprised to see numerous naked pictures of his wife—that were NOT taken by him.*Gasp

Apparently, as reported, the couple’s now five-year-old son had taken the liberty to snap some shots of his mum with a white man—in the bath.

Domestic attack

R flew into a rage and confronted his wife—threw the camera at her and slapped her. He head-butted his wife in the face causing a nose fracture and bleeding. As a result, R was ordered to pay $2,000 to his wife as compensation and was sentenced to a week in jail. Apparently, this case was not the first secret affair. But it was certainly the first one with proof.

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Felicia Chin

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