4 Ways to keep indoor air pollution at bay!

4 Ways to keep indoor air pollution at bay!

Indoor air pollution is becoming one of the important concerns of modern times, and its impact can be seen globally. A European study suggests that the air inside an average home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside.

Indoor air pollution can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma, pneumonia or something less severe as cough and sneezing. However, it is possible to overcome this problem with the help of simple solutions.

Pauline Evans, mum of a teenage daughter, says, “My daughter loves to read and she spends a lot of time indoors. She often had intense bouts of sneezing at home. Every time we met the doctor he would remind us that one of the reasons for this could be the allergens inside the home. So we made a few lifestyle changes like keeping the windows open for longer periods and reducing air-conditioner use. I also started cleaning up more regularly than before.”

Along with all these changes, she also started using an air purifier. “I feel maintaining better indoor air quality has helped us,” she said, heaving a sigh of relief.

Singapore-based mum Shubhada Bhide also trusts air purifiers to maintain indoor air quality. She says, “Haze, allergies, indoor-pollution – how does one keep kids away from all these hazards? I trust and use air purifiers.”

4 Ways to keep indoor air pollution at bay!

How can we maintain indoor air quality?

Small changes in our lifestyle can help us reduce the levels of indoor air pollution. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Restriction on smoking indoor: Smoke is another major pollutant that highly impacts the indoor air quality. It is dangerous for the person smoking as well as those around him or her. Best would be to stop people from smoking in your house or car and definitely stop when children are around.
  2. Dealing with indoor odours in traditional way: Use of air fresheners increases the level of indoor air pollution. You can stick to simpler solutions like regular cleaning and washing or eliminating food before they start rotting, or using baking soda to remove the odour. These are not only cost-effective but they also allow you to maintain the indoor air quality.
  3. Regular cleaning: Make sure that you make time for decluttering and cleaning the house on a regular basis. Seal the cracks and crevices. This will stop pest infestation in the house and keep air circulated in all corners of your house.
  4. Using air purifiers: Dyson Pure Cool Link purifies indoor air and can be a great solution to maintain indoor air quality. Here’s why:
4 Ways to keep indoor air pollution at bay!

Image source: Dyson

Fitted with a glass HEPA filter, Dyson Pure Cool Link is capable of capturing both the particulate matter and gases. Moreover, unlike many other air purifiers, it does not allow any particulate matter to escape back into the indoor atmosphere, keeping it trapped.

Keeping in mind your busy lifestyle, it automatically monitors, reacts and purifies the air. You can receive reports on the Dyson Link App on any iOS or Android phone. The purifier can be easily controlled using the app, whether you’re traveling, at work or simply lazing around in the house. When on night-mode, it uses the quietest airflow settings without disturbing your sleep-time.

For more information about the Dyson Cool Pure Link please click here.

So mums, indoor air pollution is a modern-day reality that may be affecting your child’s health! However, with these simple solutions, you can maintain a good indoor air quality at home.


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4 Ways to keep indoor air pollution at bay!



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