Here are four tips for working mums

Here are four tips for working mums

With these four pro tips, a working mum should be able to handle their time, kids, families and husbands better. Read on to know how.

The term working mum, when you really think about it is simply redundant. When you are a mum, you are already working!

Doing housework and taking care of stubborn toddlers are not exactly easy as you already know.But then whenever the term “working mum” is thrown around, we immediately think of mums in the traditional sense of the work-force.

If you are one of the working mums out there; we have prepared four awesome tips on how you can be both a fabulous mum and a great employee and all at the same time. However, you might still need to break a sweat now and then.


The first thing you must do is make a schedule. People without schedules are usually lost and ended up wasting their time on unnecessary things. As a mum, you can't afford to let that happen.

A schedule is actually good for the whole family too.When everyone knows when you are available and when you are not, they will try to treat your time with respect, which makes it easier for you to handle your day.

Quality time

Spending time with your kids as well as your husband is incredibly important. Most busy working mums are aware of this fact but can't seem to make the time to fulfill this need.

You should make sure that you spend ample, if not extra quality time with your kids and beloved hubby each week. Remember that your husband is more likely to help out with the work load at home if he feels cared for as well so be sure to invest some extra time in him whenever you can!

Me, myself and I

Solo time can be anything you want it to be but make sure it won’t be things like cleaning the car, going through bills or other things that aren’t really meant to motivate and stimulate you as a person.

And if you can't think of anything fun to do, then check out our tips on how to feel sexy after pregnancy. That will sure to boost your mood up.

Something to look forward to

It can make such a difference to have something to look forward to and for a busy working mum this can really make regular days feel easier and more energized. Plan a family trip or vacation or make arrangements for you and your husband to go off alone. Even a night out without the kids in fast-food joint is something to look forward to so be creative with your plans.

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