4 Kids beat up and steal from 30-year-old man

4 Kids beat up and steal from 30-year-old man

A group of 4 teens were caught on CCTV viciously attacking a 30-year-old man before stealing his cellphone and laptop bag.

One of the kids was as young as 8

Police in Brooklyn are looking for a group of teens who are accused of assaulting and stealing from a 30-year old man.

The kids, 2 males, one female aged 12-14, and one 8-9 year old male approached the man shortly after midnight. They confronted the man and then demanded that he give his cellphone to them. The kids then punched the man, threw him to the ground, and then took his cellphone, his laptop, and a library book.

The suspects then quickly fled the scene. The entire incident was caught on CCTV, which clearly showed the kids assaulting the man and then stealing from him.

The NYPD Police Commissioner was 'distressed' about the incident

Police are currently looking for the kids that assaulted the man; a video has been released, and the NYPD are asking for the public's help in order to identify and find the kids in the video.

NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill said that he was "distressed that kids so young could commit such a violent act." However, he promised that he will prosecute the kids for their crime.

A number of residents reacted about the incident:

Local resident Barbara Spregen shares, "I mean I imagine he’s tagging along with some older kids, but why is that happening? Why don’t his parents or adults in his life know where he is?"

Another resident, Gabriel Alfredo, has this to say about the incident: "I think that’s horrible, and I think the kids today, the parents need to actually have more control over them. Because that’s ridiculous, that’s their elder, and they should respect him and that should not happen."

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How can we keep our children away from a bad influence?

What would you do if your beloved child suddenly starts talking back at you? How would you feel if your kids suddenly started behaving badly for no apparent reason? Then you realize that one of their friends is influencing them to behave badly, do you know what to do?

It can get pretty difficult sometimes to convince a child that one of their friends is being a bad influence to them, but as a parent, it's important that we stand firm and know what to do if our kids are being influenced negatively.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Lay down the rules, and stand firm. The very first step would be to establish the rules, and be firm when it comes to the rules that you have established. Children might argue that their behavior is acceptable by other parents, but you should be quick to tell them that it's not okay for you.
  2. Explain the proper behavior to your child. It's important to explain to your child what proper behavior is so that they will better understand what behavior is expected of them. Setting your expectations is a good way of ensuring that your kids will be able to follow the rules that you've set.
  3. Teach your child to be a good influence. If a friend or a classmate is influencing your child in a negative way, then you can try and teach your child to be a good influence to that other child. Tell them that they need to teach their friend the right behavior so that they can be a good influence for their other friends as well.
  4. Lead by example. Of course, it's one thing to teach your child proper behavior, but if you're not the one doing it, then your kids might think that it's okay to be rude. Lead by example, so that your children feel that you're a good role model that they should emulate.
  5. Teach them empathy. Every time your child behaves badly or does something wrong, ask them if they know how it feels to be on the other end. Ask them how they would feel if someone did something wrong to them. Teaching your kids empathy is important in making them understand the consequences of their actions.

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