4 babies - 3 labour

4 babies - 3 labour

Agnes Tan Suan Ping shares her labour story with theAsianparent.com

I am a mother of four and two are identical twins. My gynaecologist remarked that I should share three differing types of delivery. For baby number 1, my gynaecologist advised the use of epidural during delivery and being naive, I agreed to it. I did not like being told when to push the baby because I could not feel the contractions strong enough, and worse I shivered uncontrollably for 8 hours. Baby was born using forceps.

For baby number 2, I insisted on delivering him the natural way. I was warded on an emergency basis because there was no amniotic fluid - baby number 2 was born at 38 weeks with me writhing in pain beyond words. The nurses praised me for not screaming my head off and they offered me painkiller which I rejected. Almost passed out but baby kicked out faster than expected.

For identical babies number 3 and 4, I was disappointed that I could not deliver them naturally - they were parked parallel to each other! My gynaecologist insisted on general anaesthesia and I was uncounscious during the Caecarian at 35 weeks. There might be no pain during delivery but pain was real from the wound and it shot through the body very quickly as I attempted to venture to toilet myself.
I cried like a baby because of the pain and for the first time after delivery I swallowed painkillers religiously. But I persevered with breastfeeding and I bathed the twins after they were home. The pain might seem unbearable but the busier I was with the twins, the lesser I felt of the pain. In five weeks, I was in the swimming pool to keep fit for my four children.

:)) Natural delivery without epidural was the best delivery - I recovered almost instantaneously. I did not like epidural because it made me numb for a day and my back became stiff for a few days. Caesarian was the worst - the pain stayed with you for weeks and I could not enjoy post-natal massage. But fear not, with twins, the slimming process does not take long!

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