Toddler development and milestones: Your 34-month-old toddler

Is your tot on track?

By now, it must be sinking in that this month will be power packed, not only for your almost three-year-old toddler, but also for you. By knowing what 34 month old toddler development and milestones to expect, you can be better prepared for this age without a doubt!

Before we examine this age period in details, a few quick tips. You may want to enroll him in a play-school and start with his regular dental visits. He may already have all his 20 teeth up! Brush time is more important now than ever.

34 Month Old Toddler Development: A Guide

Cognitive Development 

As your not-so-tiny tot is getting ready to take on the world, you will notice that his cognitive skills are developing at lightning speed.

He might start resisting afternoon naps. Rather than put up a fight to get him to sleep, weaning him off his nap time might be a good idea this month. Try and bring forward his bedtime at night to compensate for the lost nap. 

He wants to constantly run, dance, explore and play. Let him discover a new world of his own, but make sure to keep him safe. Getting fingers pinched and head banged may be a common occurrence. Make sure you set children's boundaries so that they don't injure themselves.

Beyond the rough and tumble, your toddler is now discovering a new part of himself — his imagination. He will start dreaming, visualising and playing with his thoughts and ideas.

Whenever you feel tired of your child's constant questions, give him flash cards. You will be amazed to see just how good his memory skills are. He will also be able to count a little bit and recognise letters better. Also, your tot will be able to match similar objects and think creatively.

Red flags: If you do happen to notice that your child is unable to sit on a chair on his own, or climb, or if he drools often, it is necessary to visit a good pediatrician.


34 month old toddler development

Social and Emotional Development

Who is this social butterfly? Your toddler! At 34 months, they are certainly more social than they were a few months ago. The also develop a sense of likes and dislikes. But at the same time, they also develop empathy. Comforting someone in distress might come more naturally to them than you thought.

As their imagination develops further, their sense of fear might shoot up. You may feel like laughing at their little fears. But stop yourself from doing so. It will only make their fears worse. Be more patient, assertive and empathetic towards their fears. And assure them that you are always there to protect them, no matter what.

Teaching them how to share their feelings, thoughts — and for that matter even their prized toys — may be a good idea during this month. They will be more open to this than you thought. 

Around this time, your tot will start to identify his own personality while trying to imitate the elders around in the house. Be very careful of how you speak, behave and talk about others in front of him. He will pick up everything and give it back to the world outside.

As your little one is nearing his third birthday, you can also start involving him in little household chores like keeping the house clean. It will not only build a sense of discipline, but also make him more responsible.

Speech and Language

34 month old toddler development and milestones also include a distinctive improvement in speech and language. At this stage, you can encourage bilingualism in your child. 

You will find them forming and talking in a complete sentences more often than not. Enjoy listening to the nursery rhymes or songs they love singing (non-stop!) too!


34 month old toddler development

Health and Nutrition

Kids of this age like to be independent and will assert themselves at the dinner table too. Encourage them to use cutlery and chopsticks. Eating together as a family might also be a good idea.

While your little one might tend to fuss about certain meals or even fruits and veg, don't get discouraged. The more you make veggies and meat exciting to them, the more they will love it. 

They may also develop a strong preference towards a certain food item, but while you respect their likes, make sure they eat a balanced nutritious meal. Find out more tips here.

Tips for Parents

Dear parents, we all know what you are going through during this phase, but trust us it will get only better. You are now able to communicate with your toddler well and make them understand what needs to be done. 

The more you give in to the tantrums, the more children might continue with them. Everything seems big and unmanageable to your little one. So make sure you are empathetic towards them and their issues. Engraving values and your culture is also crucial during this stage.

No two children are the same. If you feel your child is lacking in something, be patient and have faith. But if you happen to notice issues with their fine motor skills or extreme behaviour, then a visit to your pediatrician is recommended. 

34 month old toddler development

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