30 Days 30 Prizes Giveaway: Win a tin of NAN FO/GUM milk and a Philips Slow Juicer worth $249!

30 Days 30 Prizes Giveaway: Win a tin of NAN FO/GUM milk and a Philips Slow Juicer worth $249!

Nestlé is a well-known and popular brand all over the world. Nestlé Singapore (Pte) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé SA. Headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, it aims to be the leading Nutrition, Health & Wellness company. Nestlé believe that good nutrition starts from pregnancy and after delivery through breast milk, followed by stage- appropriate feeding choices after 6 months.

For our 30 Days 30 Prizes giveaway, Nestlé will be giving away a Philips Slow Juicer and one tin of NAN milk. A slow juicer is one great equipment to have when it comes to preparing healthy juices for the little ones. It can be used to make nutritious juices from fruits, vegetables and seeds, and the combinations are endless. Making juices yourself can help avoid having the high amount of added sugar commonly found in the store bought versions, making it much more beneficial for your child. Philips slow juicer comes with a QuickClean function, this makes washing up fast and convenient, something every parent would appreciate.


NAN® OPTIPRO® H.A. 2 and 3 is a range of premium hypoallergenic follow on and growing up milk for babies after 6 months. Included in the formula are the nutrients essential for growth and development and a unique blend of whey proteins, Nestle Most Advance Proteins - OPTIPRO H.A. OPTIPRO H.A is partially hydrolyzed (broken down into smaller pieces), making them easy to digest and helps to reduce the allergenic potential of cow's milk. With Nestlé NAN® OPTIPRO® H.A. 2 or 3, your child will be getting:


Optimized, Hypoallergenic, Protein Blend which are

  • Partially hydrolysed proteins broken into pieces (10 times smaller)
  • High Quality 100% whey protein
  • Reduces allergenic potential of cow's milk
  • Made gentle for babies

Extensively researched probiotics that protect against harmful bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system

  1. DHA & ARA (Higher by 47% as compared to previous formulation):

Important building blocks for the development of the brain and eyes of your baby

  1. Iron and Zinc:

Help support your child’s natural defenses

  1. No added sugar (sucrose):

Contains the goodness of milk with no added sugar

With this well balanced range of nutrients, you can rest assure that your baby will be getting the nutrition required to meet his/her developmental needs.

Win a tin of NAN FO/GUM milk and a Philips Slow Juicer worth $249 by clicking here!

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