30 Days 30 Prizes Giveaway: Win a Hegen Gift Set worth $244!

30 Days 30 Prizes Giveaway: Win a Hegen Gift Set worth $244!

Hegen’s revolutionary, practical and multi-functional designs grow with your baby’s needs. Stand a chance to win a Hegen Gift Set worth $244 here!

Breastfeeding mummies who are tired of bottle leakage will truly learn to love and appreciate Hegen’s Feeding Bottles as it prevents any wasteful transfer. Hegen’s product designs are made with the highest quality standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable feeding experience for both mother and child. Their starter kit includes the Hegen PCTO 240ml Feeding Bottle, the 150ml Feeding Bottle, Breast Milk Storage Container, Breast Milk storage lids, Wide Neck Adapter, and the Standard Neck Adapter.


What makes Hegen bottles one-of-a-kind

–The bottle features a super soft elliptical-shaped silicone teat that mimics the natural breast of mothers to promote natural latch-on for babies. This minimises nipple confusion, making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.

– Their Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open Innovation design allows bottle lids to be pressed on and twisted off with zero spillage.

–Stackable square shape design allows bottles to nestle together when empty and stack neatly when filled, optimising storage space in the freezer or a mother’s bag.


–Snap-on interconnecting storage lids allows multiple containers to bind together effortlessly, instantly converting bottles into an organised milk storage system.

–Allows for a natural upright feeding position similar to feeding from the breast. This minimises the tilt that conventional baby bottles require, reducing the risk of milk back-flow which may cause mid-ear complications.

–Built-in anti-colic air vent safeguards baby from tummy upset and minimises oxidation of milk nutrients.

–It’s soft square body with straight sides, wide mouth and no undercuts allows for an easier cleaning experience and is ergonomically easier for babies to hold.

–Interchangeable feeding and storage lids allows for storing and feeding within a single container. Bottles can be easily converted into breast milk storage without transfer of milk. This minimises wastage, making every drop count.

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