3-year-old boy nearly drowns at Temasek Club swimming pool

3-year-old boy nearly drowns at Temasek Club swimming pool

Quick-thinking doctors and a nurse helped to resuscitate the little boy. Read the story here...

According to The Straits Times, a three-year-old boy almost drowned at the newly-opened Temasek Club in Bukit Timah, on Sunday (8 November).

The little boy was extremely lucky because it so happened that Dr Low Lee Yong, founder of clinic network Make Health Connect, was at the club when the incident happened.

3 year old boy almost drowned at temasek club

A 3 year old boy almost drowned at Temasek Club: Parents, did you know it only takes 20 seconds for a toddler to drown?

Dr Low shares on Facebook:

“I was having lunch at the Chinese restaurant at level 2 with my wife and dad when we saw a man lifting the little boy out of the water. I realized something was wrong when I saw the boy ‘s limbs were flaccid . I quickly dashed down to the pool.

“Two more doctors and a nurse came and joined in the resuscitation. Thank God for answering my prayer to save the boy’s life even as I did mouth to mouth on him and lifted him upside down to drain his lungs of water when his cyanosis deepened.

“Let’s pray for Alvin who has been sent to the hospital by the ambulance which came later. We should never leave our children unattended in the swimming pool.”

According to reports, the little boy, who regained consciousness after CPR was performed on him, was sent to National University Hospital around 2pm.

The General Manager of Temasek Club, commenting on Dr Low’s Facebook post confirmed that the boy had been discharged from hospital and is now fine. He tells Dr Low, “his [the boy’s] parents thank you and the other angels who rushed over to save him.”

The Straits Times report mentions that while is is not completely clear as to how the incident happened, “it is believed that he [the boy] had been left unattended in the pool for some time.”

This incident is certainly an eye-opener for all parents about how important water safety is when it come to our little ones.

Water-safety tips for parents

These tips are adapted from the Australian Government’s BetterHealth channel.

  • Supervise your child around water: looking up at your little one every now and then isn’t good enough. Keep your child within arm’s reach and monitor them closely while in the water. Remember — it takes just 20 seconds for a toddler to drown. 
  • Teach your kids how to swim when they are old enough: But keep in mind that little ones under the age of five might not be able to use their swimming skills in an emergency. Close monitoring by an adult when they are in the water is still crucial .
  • A flotation device is not a substitute for supervision: Also, always ensure that the flotation devices you use are of good quality — check the label before buying.
  • Always supervise your child in the bath: Never let an older child mind a younger child in the bath. If the phone or doorbell rings while your little one is in the bath, take him with you. And remember to empty the bath immediately after use.
  • Always keep the door to your bathroom shut, especially if you have a bathtub.
  • Cover outdoor ponds with mesh. Also keep aquariums, fish bowls and pet water bowls out of your kids’ reach.

Read this theAsianparent article for more important pool safety tips.

Below, watch the video for the moment when SCDF officers helped the little boy who almost drowned at Temasek Club. 

Lead image from Dr Low’s Facebook page.

What water safety tips do you have to share with other parents? Do let us know in a comment below. 

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