11 Parenting trends that will be big in 2018!

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Mums and dads, watch out for these exciting parenting trends that are predicted to dominate this coming year!

In keeping with their goal of inspiring discovery (and thanks to loads of data analysis!), the popular website Pinterest has released their yearly trend predictions. This includes 2018 parenting trends on the rise, based on 2017 user behaviour. Are you ready, super mums?

Through each photo, recipe, piece of advice, or quote shared by Pinterest’s 175 million active users from across the globe, they have a wealth of data. And from this mountain of data, they found the Pinterest 100 top trends.

Ahead, we round up the parenting-related trends mums and dads will surely be interested in!

2018 Parenting trends we can’t wait to try!

Weighted blankets

This innovative product has been known to induce good sleep and calm anxious tots, so it’s no wonder the product has piqued the interest of mums and dads worldwide. 

To learn how to sew your own weighted blanket, follow this tutorial.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Modern nurseries

Gone are the days when it was all bubblegum pink and unicorns. Parents on Pinterest are now more interested in a modern aesthetic for their little one’s nursery.

For more tips on how to decorate a modern nursery, read this article.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Mum necklaces

Not only do these fashionable necklaces look trendy, they also help babies who are teething.

They’re perfect for stylish mums in 2017 and, as Pinterest predicts, 2018 as well.

Make your own teething necklace by simply following this easy tutorial!

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Sprinkle-themed baby showers

Sprinkles have been around since time immemorial, but thanks to Pinterest it’s enjoying a resurgence in the “trendy department,” specifically when it comes to fun, gender-neutral baby showers.

Not sure how to throw a sprinkle-filled baby shower? Take your cue from the queen of DIY Martha Stewart.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Wooden toys

Going vintage and old school isn’t just for fashion these days. Even toy companies are getting in on the fun.

Not only are wooden toys fun to play with, they are also eco-friendly, as they help minimise the use of plastic!

Here are some fun wooden toys for kids!

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Eco-friendly baby clothing

Minimalist toys and room decor aren’t the only eco-friendly trends on the rise.

Parents are also interested in reducing waste when it comes to their baby’s clothing and even diapers!

Here are some of the most fashionable eco-friendly clothing.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Pom-poms in kids’ rooms

Millions of parents showed interest in pom-pom decor in 2017. Not only do these fluffy decorative balls make brightly coloured, cozy throw rugs, they are also easy to make. Expect more quick DIY pom-pom projects in 2018.

Have fun making your own pom pom rug with this tutorial.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Building forts as furniture

Play forts will become a more permanent fixture in kids’ rooms this 2018, if the 108% saves these posts got on Pinterest is any indication.

Not only are they fun and decorative, “perma-forts” save mums and dads time! No longer do parents have to take it down and put it back up when the next playtime rolls around. Plus no more Spider-man bedsheets in the living room, hooray!

Want to get creative and build forts and play spaces with your kids? Check out this article.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Removable wall art

While play forts are becoming more permanent, wall art is becoming more temporary.

Removable wall art was one of the top saves and pins in 2017. There’s no doubt it will truly catch on as one of the hottest 2018 parenting trends.

You can check out some fun removable wall art, here.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

New hacks for when baby arrives

Smart and efficient ways to do things – this is what drives the 2018 parent, based on Pinterest user behaviour.

“Baby prep” has been one of the top topics saved by millions of Pinterest users, presumably new parents.

Check out a great example of a parenting cheat sheet here.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

Cheat sheets and apps for parents

Another telling trend that Pinterest saw was the high interest in parenting “cheat sheets.”

This, like searching for hacks, shows just how much mums and dads want to make life as easy and efficient as possible by staying organised and tracking their baby’s milestones!

They also want to better connect with fellow parents, like what this app called theAsianparent Community allows them to do.

2018 parenting trends

Image source: Pinterest

What parenting trends do you predict we will be adding to this list when 2018 is in full swing?

Let us know in the comments below!

source: Pinterest

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