Mum Endures 20-Day Labour!

Mum Endures 20-Day Labour!

British mum Amy Buck gave birth to baby boy after a 20-day labour period!

Labour – every first time mother’s main worry. Still, the most comforting thought is probably that of “it will be over soon enough.” Not, however, for this mum.

British Amy Buck, 17, was expecting her first child when, just 19 weeks into her pregnancy, experienced a contraction. Terrified that she might be experiencing a miscarriage, she went straight to the hospital to get herself checked.


Nurses first assumed that she was suffering from common pregnancy cramps, however, and sent her home. She left hoping that the cramps would subside, but they instead got worse over the next 2 weeks.

'The pain was bearable at first but it was happening all the time and I just stayed in bed. Sometimes I'd go out, thinking it wasn't so bad. I'd walk to the end of the road and the pain would get so bad I'd turn back around,' Amy said.

The pain got unbearable and she returned to the hospital, this time startled to be told that she was already in full labour. Unfortunately, she had also developed an infection and doctors feared that she would be too weak to endure the birth.

At this time, her contractions were already coming at 1½ minutes apart each. Still, she eventually gave birth to only five days later.

Daniel was born on 24th May 2009, at a mere 600g, almost 5 months premature. Doctors predicted a 15% chance survival rate, but the tough little chap, after staying in Intensive Care on a ventilator for 5 months, managed to fight his way through.

Driving test over labour pains

Baby Daniel recently celebrated his 1st birthday happily with his mother and father, Martin Barwell, a 20-year old car dealer.

Looking at him now, I realise he is a little miracle and a little fighter. So many times I thought I was going to lose him,' his mother commented.

Doctors suggest that the reason for her prolonged labour was that her waters partially broke very early, and got infected. This eventually triggered her actual labour, 5 months before the due date.

As for Amy, her 20-day labour experience was possibly the longest ever heard of. According to Patrick O'Brien, obstetrician at London's University College Hospital, 'The average labour is about 12 hours long for someone having their first baby, and the longest I've heard of was 48 hours.’

But what do you think, mummies? Would you have lasted through a 20-day labour?

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