15-year-old dies after falling sick during school trip

15-year-old dies after falling sick during school trip

Despite taking his medication, student dies after returning from a school trip to Shanghai.

What was thought to be an innocent school trip turned out to be more deadly for one Catholic High School student.

While Luke Chan was still in Shanghai, he started to experience diarrhoea on Wednesday (4 Nov). However, he took his medication and went on with the trip.

Upon returning to Singapore on Friday (6 Nov) after the week long trip, the diarrhoea began again the next day. Luke Chan suffered from vomiting, but he didn't have a fever.

According to sources, his mother initially planned to take him to KK Women's and Children's Hospital on Saturday night, but he suggested waiting till the next day. Things didn't improve. On the same night, Luke suffered from a bout of diarrhoea again, and passed out.

Unfortunately, Luke passed away on the same night.

"His heart stopped. The mother tried to revive him at home. Then the ambulance came and took him to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and he still could not be revived," shared Adrian Chua, who has known Luke's mother for more than 15 years.

The results from an autopsy report could be released in about three months' time.

Our heartfelt wishes go out to Luke's family this difficult period.

Source: The Straits Times

Lead Image Credit: The Straits Times

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