Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

Parents, you've come along way since baby #1! Find out what you'll learn and what to expect with baby #2 on the way!

As you’ve probably come to notice, parents, you’ve grown quite a lot since the birth of your first child! You’ve matured, you’ve grown more intelligent, you’ve grown more responsible, and most of all, you’ve gained parental experience…so what now?

If you’ve considered adding another member to your family of three, or if you’re already anxiously awaiting the arrival of your “new addition”, it’s important to know that there are some things you can expect the second time around!

For better or worse, these are the things all parents can expect while waiting for their newest addition to the family, and things you’ve learned since having your firstborn!

Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

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1. You’re stronger than you know

You may have been fearful or apprehensive of what to expect the first time around, but if you’ve learned anything after having your firstborn, it’s that you can handle anything thrown your way!

2. What worked for your firstborn, may not work the second time around

This may not come as much of a surprise, but parenting doesn’t always have a one-size-fits-all approach. That means that everything that worked for your first baby, may not exactly work on your second baby. Expect the unexpected parents!

3. A crying baby is not the end of the world

Remember when your firstborn would cry all the livelong day? You probably came to realize that not every single cry has a deep, imperative reason behind it. Sometimes they’re just grumpy, tired, or hungry. Crying isn’t always the ned of the world, so you can handle each cry as a pro now.

4. You now know the real definition of “tired”

Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

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Remember back to your school days? You thought you knew what tired was. However, nowadays, after some experience with your firstborn, you know what tired really means. With baby number two on the way, you know exactly what to expect…and you can prepare accordingly.

5. When the baby sleeps, your toddler WILL wake up

For all the parents out there reading this who can relate, and to all the expecting parents of baby #2–this is the truth. Your kids will have separate sleeping schedules until they get older, and the sad reality of it all is that those sleeping schedules will conflict. Be ready for this if you’re not already. 

6. Naps are a necessity

You may have picked up this crucial tip when you had your firstborn, but with kid #2…it’s not even a tip. It’s an essential part of your health!

7. You’ve learned (or are learning) to divide your love/care equally

Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

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If you’re expecting, you’re accepting that your firstborn isn’t going to be the focal point of your day anymore. So, you’ll have to work and adjust to dividing your love and care equally. It was bound to happen someday, so you may as well start acclimating your firstborn to this sad reality!

8. As a result of #7, your toddler will act differently

This will vary…a lot. But your eldest will try to either seek more attention than ever or will try to be more loving and caring in an effort to help out with his/her new sibling! Either way, he/she’s acting differently.

9. Things get better…each and every day

It may seem like things are getting tougher…but as they say, “it’s always darkest before dawn.” Hang int here moms and dads, it only gets easier from here.

10. The laughs and smiles from your toddler and baby make it all worth it

Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

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Even on the roughest of days as a parent of two (or more), just seeing the smile, giggle, or all-out laugh from your eldest, youngest or both will make everything better. It’ll bring brightness to the darkest of days, parents.

11. Despite what you think, you can’t do it all

Before you breakdown, or explode, it’s time you accepted or learned the fact that even though you are super…you can’t do it all alone. Accept help when help is available and never feel bad about it.

12. You’ve probably never yelled as often as you do now

You may not like being the “bad guy” but, sometimes you lose it. Sometimes you’ve gotta let it all out, and sometimes you yell. if you weren’t much of a yeller before your kids, you definitely are now!

13. Time moves faster with kid #2

You’ve been there, done that at this point. It doesn’t mean you don’t cherish each step of the way as much, it just means that you know what to expect the second time around. As a result, pages fly right off the calendar!

14. You DO have enough room in your heart for two kids

When you were pregnant (or while you’re currently pregnant), you may have wondered if you had enough room in that heart of yours for two kids. Well, as you’ve found out (or will find out)…you definitely do. In fact, they share your heart equally!

15. Taking care of yourself is more important than ever

Mummies, Here Are 15 Things To Expect With Your Second Child

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Despite the incredibly dedicated schedule, you adhere to as a parent of two, you’ve found that when you get time to spend to (or on) yourself is more important than ever. Utilise it. Cherish it. Make it your personal recovery time.


This article was based on a post from Scary Mommy.

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