theAsianparent’s 15 Days To Christmas Giveaway 2020: Day 8 of 15

theAsianparent’s 15 Days To Christmas Giveaway 2020: Day 8 of 15

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It's Day 8 of theAsianparent's 15 Days To Christmas Giveaway!

Women go through immense changes when they enter the motherhood stage. That's why when it comes to products to take care of themselves, it is only right that they choose products made especially for their needs.

Mama's Choice is a brand that is committed to giving mums peace of mind and empowering them to make the best choices during their early motherhood journey. 

That's why on Day 8 of our 15 Days To Christmas Giveaway, our friends from Mama's Choice are giving out something special for mummies. In partnership with Mama's Choice, we're giving away Mama's Choice Super Mama Bundle (worth $100 each) to FIVE LUCKY WINNERS!

15 Days To Christmas Giveaway

Mama's Choice Super Mama Bundle consists of Mama's Choice Non-Flouride Toothpaste, Natural Mouthwash, Daily Protection Face Moisturizer, Intensive Nipple Cream, Stretch Mark Cream, Relaxing Massage Oil and Neutrophil Hand Sanitiser.

Make your motherhood journey the best journey ever with Mama's Choice.

Details of how you can win this for your family can be found on our app. Find out more by going to our Contest section on theAsianparent app.

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*This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only. Terms and conditions apply.

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