14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery

14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery

Delight mum with one of these special and delectable cakes!

Following strict stay-in measures doesn’t mean your plans for Mother’s Day this year are washed away. You can always place online orders for a special cake delivery. And here’s where to get the best Mother’s Day cakes.

Circuit breaker measures are keeping you home. Yet, you are worried that you won’t be able to spend time with your mum on May 10 as planned. You may not be able to take her out for a celebratory lunch or dinner. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat her to a celebratory cake. Though shops and outlets are closed, some bakeries are taking online orders for doorstep delivery. Here we have compiled a list of best Mother’s Day cakes and where to get them.

Best Mother’s Day Cakes to Choose From

From fruity flavours and chocolate to traditional flavours and cheesecakes, these cakes from famous brands are at your service at this time.

Violette – from Antoinette

best Mother’s Day cakes


This masterpiece is decked with Purple Sweet Potato Mousse layered with a Purple Sweet Potato cake ($55). Garnished with White Chocolate and Black Sugar Crumble and comes with a complimentary Mother’s Day cake topper. Available for preorder, collection/delivery from 8 May onwards. Order it here

Monochrome cakes – from Preludio

best Mother’s Day cakes

best Mother’s Day cakes


One of the most eye-catching of all cakes would be black and white monochrome cakes. Why not treat your mum to this glossy wonder? The prices range between $28 and $58 based on the sizes. You can reach them at https://preludio.sg/

Flourless Valrhona chocolate cake – from Da Paolo Gastronomia

14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery


Gift your mum this unique flourless cake with the special chocolate ganache that she will remember for years. You may even go for traditional Nutella, caramel crunch or cookies cheesecake. The prices range around $54. Search for more options at Da Paolo Gastronomia website.

Avocado Matcha – from All the Batter

14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery


Try these healthy avocado cakes in the unique flavour of Japanese matcha tea. Alternatively, you can have the Avocado Gula Melaka cake as well. The price ranges between $45 to $48 with delivery charges of $20. Check out the extensive range here: https://www.allthebatter.com/shop/

Kaya Burnt cheesecake – from GRUB Bistro

This unusual sweet bite takes the cheese, literally, from the other cheesecakes. The light-green dish has its uniqueness in nailing the kaya flavour. A 2Kg cheesecake will come for about $80. They are taking orders at their website: https://grub.com.sg/delivery/

Kueh salat – from Candlenut

This delectable Peranakan cake is a signature recipe of chef Malcolm Lee. A glutinous rice base coloured by blue pea flowers and topped with delicate Pandan custard will please your mum to the core. The price starts from $20 for 200 grams. You may place the order at their website: https://www.comodempsey.sg/restaurant/candlenut

Sea Salt Milk Caramel Chocolate Passionfruit cake – from Basilico at Regent

best Mother’s Day cakes

Sea Salt Milk Caramel Chocolate Passionfruit cake

A great patisserie at the hotel has the best of cakes available. Price is around $42 for this Sea Salt Milk Caramel Chocolate Passionfruit cake at 0.5kg whole cake (available in both 0.5kg or 1kg). The official website is https://www.regenthotels.com/regent-singapore/dining/dolcetto-by-basilico

Number/Letter cakes – from OLLELLA

best Mother’s Day cakes

Number Cake from OLLELA

These interesting number/letter decorative cakes goes well for any celebration or birthdays. The prices range between $23.8 to $43 based on design and decorations. You may ask for whole cakes too. Place your order here.

All Chocolate cake – from Awfully Chocolate

14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery

Awfully Chocolate Round Cakes

They have three popular cakes on offer. The chocolate is teamed with banana or rum and cherries for flavoured chocolate cakes. You may order an All chocolate cake for that yummy gooeyness. Prices start from $36 onwards. You can even input a  birthday message atop the cake! Place your order at https://www.awfullychocolate.com/chocolate-cakes/original-cakes/

Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake – from Olivia Restaurant and Lounge 

(Pic: Olivia Restaurant & Lounge)

Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake

What is not to like about this creamy melt-in-the-mouth confection made with cream and blue cheese with almond sable? Once warmed, it oozes on your tongue. Goes at $14 apiece or $80 for a whole cake. Order via https://www.olivia.com.sg/

Double Chocolate Blackout cake – from PS.Cafe

14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery

PS.Cafe Cakes

If your mum is an avid chocolate lover, indulge her with this traditional yet delectable chocolate sponge cake in chocolate sauce. Enough to lift her spirits in these times. The price is $101.65. Their website is https://www.pscafe.com/. They take orders through foodpanda, Deliveroo and feastbump.

Dear Mom Short Cake – from Paris Baguette

Dear Mom Short Cake (사랑하는 엄마에게 케이크)

Only the Dear Mom Short Cake is still in stock. | Photo: Paris Baguette

This Korean Bakery has two new flavours for their blossom cakes for Mother’s Day: strawberry and chocolate. The cakes topped with fresh glazed strawberry and decorated with flowers are priced at $55. Connect to them at their official site: https://www.parisbaguettesg.com/

Red velvet keto cake – from Seriously keto


Keto Cake By Seriously Keto

Don’t let mum’s keto diet go haywire and gift her this decadent cake. Its red velvet layers are slathered with sugar-free cream cheese frosting. The price will start at $49.90. Alternately, you can try their luscious strawberry cake. Place your order at https://seriouslyketo.co/product-category/ketocake

Cupcakes – from Plain Vanilla 

B12- mainstay-2.jpg

Cupcakes from Plain Vanilla

Why not gift your mum a variety of flavours to choose from? With diverse flavours from salted caramel and red velvet to earl grey and cinnamon sugar, there are 6 or 12 cupcakes in each box to delight anybody. They take orders at the website https://orderplainvanilla.com/cakes-bakes

Don’t miss out on the fun of pleasing your mum on this Mother’s Day due to COVID-19. Select one of the best Mother’s Day cakes and impress her. And while you are at it, order one for yourself too to relish on this special occasion.

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14 Best Mother's Day Cakes With Online Delivery

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