12 days of Christmas BIG ‘gift-aways’: Day 8 - Win 2 Pen-Pal Whizz sets worth $576

12 days of Christmas BIG ‘gift-aways’: Day 8 - Win 2 Pen-Pal Whizz sets worth $576

On the 8th day of our Big 'Gift-aways' we present a wonderful educational tool for your child which is both fun AND interactive. Read on to see how you can WIN one of these great learning tools for your kids...

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On the 8th day of Christmas, theAsianparent gave to me…

A Pen-Pal Whizz!

Pen-Pal elevates traditional learning methods by using digital technology to create a wonderful learning experience for your child. It turns conventional printed material into interactive pages that can emit responsive voices or sounds of any languages.


Christmas BIG ‘gift-aways’

For little girls, this cool Pen-pal Whizz come in pink as well.

It is not only a unique educational tool for kids but is interactive and fun as well. When a child uses Pen-Pal to tap on a book, a pre-loaded audio file is activated and spoken by a pre-recorded voice inside. This arouses the curiosity of the child, enabling a new learning experience through sense of touch, sight, hearing and cognitive thinking.

What are the benefits of Pen-Pal?

  • Pen-Pal provides an interactive dimension to reading. In addition to holding a physical book, the child is also able to engage in visual and audio learning too.
  • If a child is unsure about the meaning of anything, they can tap on characters and illustrations in the book to interact with it to develop their contextual understanding.
  • With just the pen-pal and books, Learning can happen anywhere and anytime.
  • Individual and group learning is possible
  • Pen-pals can be customized to read any book in any language.
  • Children are able to learn at their own pace, repeating the content whenever they like
  • With additional audio element, children are less likely to be distracted by other external factors.
  • Embedded games within the books will keep children engaged while reading.
Christmas BIG ‘gift-aways’

Using a Pen-Pal Whizz is as easy as 1-2-3!

Why use Pen-Pal?

Usually a child needs an adult’s assistance to read a book. With the Pen-Pal a child can listen to a narration of a book by themselves and at their own pace. This learning through sight and sound is also called multimodal learning, which studies have shown to be more effective than unimodal learning.

What is included in the Pen-Pal Whizz set?

  1. 1 Pen Pal Whizz (blue)
  2. Charger accessories,
  3. Calculator card,
  4. MP3 card and volume control card,
  5. Standing Dock,
  6. Membership Card,
  7. 18 books specially customized for ages 2 – 8. With essential syllabus for Chinese, English, Han Yu Pin Yin, Phonetic, as well as Song book, Picture Dictionary, Tang Poetry and Classical & Thematic Stories.

For more information on the Pen-Pal whizz click here.

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Minoli Almeida

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