12 days of Christmas BIG 'gift-aways': Day 7 Win a Music 4 Tots Schoenhut Piano worth over $550

12 days of Christmas BIG 'gift-aways': Day 7 Win a Music 4 Tots Schoenhut Piano worth over $550

Win a beautiful Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Grand Piano by Music 4 Tots worth over $550 in our 12 days of Christmas BIG 'gift-aways'! Keep reading to find out more...

12 Days of Christmas


On the 7th day of Christmas, theAsianparent gave to me…

Schoenhut 37 Key Grand Piano by Music 4 Tots

How many times have you caught your kids bopping to tunes from the radio or the television? You want to nurture their interest in music and teach them proper basics but those plastic toy keyboards just don’t sound quite right. Fret no more!

We, at theAsianparent, have a special treat for you and it is going to be music to your ears. In the spirit of Christmas, Music 4 Tots – the official sole distributor of Schoenhut, is giving away a 37 Key Concert Grand Piano to one lucky winner in our 12 Days of Christmas BIG ‘Gift-aways’!

12 Days of christmas

Want to see your child playing this adorable and professional looking piano?
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That’s right! A concert grand piano built for young children. The piano is designed to look just like the miniature version of a full-sized grand piano.  It is an amazing choice for a child with serious musical aspirations. Or for one who just wants to have fun tickling the ivories.

Even if you do not have a musical bone in your body, don’t worry! The Schoenhut piano makes it easy for you with their Play-By-Colour system that allows you to introduce the piano to your child at home. This system uses coloured stickers that sit behind the piano keys, with each note represented by a colour. How wonderful is that? Musical exposure AND bonding time with your little Mozart!

12 Days of Christmas

Let your child have a musical time this festive season!
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Good to note:

– Easy transition due to similar key width as a full-sized piano

– Chromatically tuned to conventional standards, allowing correct pitch

– Hammer mechanism allowing your child to control the volume

– Three full octaves providing good foundation

– Natural vibrations providing tactile learning

– Play-By-Colour key system

– Lid rises and lowers gradually to avoid slamming on little fingers

– Low fragility and high durability, exceeding US standards for child safety

– Suitable for 3 – 6 year olds


So, what are you waiting for? With this beautiful creation in your house for Christmas, don’t be surprised if you find Junior hitting the keys to Auld Lang Syne at your New Year’s Eve party! Now wouldn’t that be a fine tune?

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For competition rules click here.

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