11 Singapore socio-political blogs you should be reading

11 Singapore socio-political blogs you should be reading

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Blogs you should be reading

Recently, I decided to use Google Reader (yes, I know I’m slow), to keep up with the socio-political blogs that I love to read. After compiling a list, I decided it would be a great to share the the good stuff I take away from this blogs with my readers. As we all know, many Singaporeans rely on their forever ‘politically correct’ mainstream media (MSM) for news. It’s time that our socio-political blogs take the limelight. For reporting news which the MSM chooses to ignore. Please note that the blogs are not listed in any particular order.

Kristen Han: Funny little world

A writer’s ability to provoke your thoughts makes him/her a very inspiring writer. Kristen is one of them. Her no-holds-barred, straight-from-the-heart opinions is what makes this girl special. Judging from the influx of comments she receives each time after writing a post, it seems that many readers agree with me.

Alex Au: Yawning Bread

A veteran blogger who has been in Singapore’s socio-political blogging scene for a very long time, Alex is such a great writer that people often mistake him to be a journalist or academia. Not afraid to admit that he’s gay, Alex fiercely stands up for the rights of homosexuals. Whether they care to admit it or not, many journalists who work in the mainstream media read Alex’s blog regularly. That is a testament to how good this guy is.

Lucky Tan: Diary of A Singaporean Mind

Another veteran writer who has a very deep understanding of the political situation in Singapore. This is my favourite blog because Lucky has a knack of looking beyond what the general public are saying about any controversial issues and ask very important questions.

Gerald Giam: geraldgiam.sg

The often touted poster boy for young and educated graduates who are joining the opposition. Gerald made waves when he left his job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to join the Workers’ Party. An important voice for the opposition, Gerald doesn’t slam or critique the PAP whenever he has a chance to do so, but quietly goes about writing about what the Workers’ Party are doing on the ground, something which the MSM doesn’t always report about. Gerald is also an author.

Callan Tham: Trapper’s Swamp

A blog which I stumbled upon when I was looking for a source to follow during the AWARE saga. Callan is not your typical writer. Politics is serious stuff. But this guy ability to break down the serious stuff, simple enough for the layman to understand, is a valuable asset. His in-depth knowledge of United States’ politics is also something to take note of. It is no wonder ‘Politics’ and ‘United States’ are the top two topics in his blog.

Sam Ho: Sam’s thoughts

Winner of the ‘Most Insightful Blog’ award in the 2009 OMY Singapore Blog Awards, Sam fully deserves his award. A very strong critique of the MSM, most of his replies to letters published by The Straits Times (ST), which he also kindly put up in his blog, are rejected and not published. And when you read his letters, you will agree with his criticism of the MSM.

Rachel Zeng: Rachel Zeng’s blog

Rachel is more of an activist than a blogger, but nevertheless, a great writer. If you are against the Mandatory Death Penalty and you don’t know who is Yong Vui Kong, blame the MSM. Everything in Rachel’s blog should have been published by the MSM.

Goh Meng Seng: Singapore Alternatives

If you want to know about the struggle of an opposition leader in Singapore, Goh’s blog is a must-read.

Andrew Loh: The Online Citizen

The Online Citizen (TOC) is the online equivalent to ST, but does what ST doesn’t do. That is, report the truth and nothing but the truth. Reporting nothing but the truth has pissed off a certain Minister, who raged that TOC is an ‘irresponsible website’. With Andrew at it’s helm, TOC doesn’t do PAP-bashing but focuses more on issues like homelessness in Singapore.

Barnyard Chorus: Barnyard Chorus

Cat in the cream, Magical Chicken, Farmer Plant’Alot, Badly Drawn Pig are some of the writers who write in this blog. While their names are not to be taken seriously, what they write should be. A refreshing blog if you are tired of the run-of-the-mill blogs.

Donaldson Tan: New Asia Republic

Formerly a writer for TOC, Donaldson left to start his own site for those who want to read about Singapore news and issues from a cosmopolitan angle, encompassing the liberalist-libertarian spectrum. New Asia Republic has an impressive stable of writers which include former CEO of NTUC Income, Tan Kin Lian and Gwee Li Sui, author and graphic artist.

Source: The Tau Huay Boy

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