11 Reasons You Need To Give Your Child A Brother or Sister

11 Reasons You Need To Give Your Child A Brother or Sister

Looking for more reasons to add to your family? Here's a list of compelling arguments for giving your only child a baby brother/sister!

If you grew up as an only child, you may have reaped in a number of unique benefits. However, if you grew up in a family with siblings or more, you reaped in the awesome benefits of having a big, happy, loving family!

Personally, I grew up with only one sibling (my sister), but even I felt as though I always had a playmate, and a partner in crime! Growing up with a sibling is a great thing for a kid's development, and I'm not alone in thinking so! Just ask anyone who grew up with brothers and/or sisters.

Sure, they'll probably preface their testimony with something along the lines of, "We used to fight like cats and dogs", or "My youngest sibling was such a pest"; but when it comes down to it, they love each other dearly, and growing up in a big family offered them a very special childhood.

We're not saying there's anything wrong with raising an only child. In fact, many couples are blessed to be able to birth one happy, healthy bundle of joy. All we're saying is that if you're on the fence about extending your family, you should highly consider doing so!

If you're uncertain whether or not you want to add another member to your family, here's a list of 13 compelling arguments that'll help you realize that your only child needs a little brother or sister:

1. Splitting chores/responsibilities

When kids reach a certain level of maturity, many families begin to introduce them to chores and responsibilities. If your child grows up an only child, they may begin to feel overburdened with the many different tasks their asked to complete. But, let's say that hypothetically, they have a partner to help shoulder the load. Those tasks might night seem so daunting anymore, and they could even find fun ways to distribute those chores, or fun ways to complete them together!

give your child a brother or sister

2. They can vent to each other

When I was growing up, I would sometimes feel indignant, or complain about how my parents punished me or their rules. Sometimes, this was with my friends--but they didn't really get it. When I'd vent to my sister, however, she knew exactly what I was talking about. No one else quite understands what it's like to be raised by your parents...except for your siblings. If you give your only child a sibling, they'll have someone to talk to about their complaints, which can help them cool off when angry, or just get a lot of their chest when they're stressed.


3. They can learn from each other

Growing up with an older sister offered some unique learning experiences. Any older sibling can help impart some wisdom here or there, and older siblings of the same sex can impart even more wisdom! It's an invaluable learning source for your kids, and it's not limited to older siblings teaching younger siblings. Sometimes the younger sibling has something new to offer the older sibling!


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4. A new friend to play with

It may seem like the most basic perk, and maybe it is, but having a sibling in the house was like having a friend that lived down the hall--or in the same room for some families. Give your only a child a playmate that they can comfortably grow up with!


5. Never a dull moment

This one goes for you and for your kids. As a parent, having kids of different stages of development offers a variety of unique experiences from different ends of the spectrum, which means you'll always have your hands full (in the best way possible, that is). For your kids, having a brother or sister around means a partner in crime with whom they can constantly seek entertainment!

give your child a brother or sister

6. Personal bodyguard

It may sound silly, but having an older sibling is almost like a bodyguard for your kids. Typically, an older brother is seen as the "protector" type, but I grew up with an older sister and at school, she served the same role! Having a sibling around brings out the best part of your kids, and they'll look out for each other for years to come!


7. Sisters share clothes

This one is, admittedly, gender-specific but hey, it's still a perk. Now, I never grew up sharing clothes with my sister (though, she occasionally stole a shirt from my drawers). But, sisters commonly share clothes like there's no tomorrow and it offers a fun little way for them to bond with each other! Just make sure they don't argue over any popular wardrobe items.


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8. They'll develop more patience and tolerance

This may sound like a bit of a stretch, but bear with me here: when kids grow up in the same house, they fight like crazy. Even so, they'll grow to be more tolerant and patient individuals from all those little fights and altercations. As long as you manage those fights, and make sure they're only verbal and they're resolved properly, your kids can learn and mature from them. More over, when those fights are said and done, they'll grow closer; how sweet!


9. Healthy dose of sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry isn't always a bad thing. In fact, as long as you manage it, and make sure it's approached in a healthy and beneficial way, sibling rivalry can help bring out the best in all of your children. Never play favorites with any of your children, but encourage them to motivate each other to be the very best they can be.

give your child a brother or sister

10. When the tables turn, they won't be alone

The sad reality of life is that your kids will eventually grow up, and one day will even work to take care of you! That's right, the tables will turn! When that time does come, wouldn't it be nice if your only child wasn't alone?


11. They'll have a lifelong bond

You may have a close friend group with whom you've been close for years, but some friends over the years may have disappeared without a trace. a brother or sister, on the other hand, is for life. Through the ups and downs of childhood and onward, they'll be linked by family name and blood and they'll be forced to love each other forever!


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