10 Worst Home Remedies for Kids

10 Worst Home Remedies for Kids

Not all home remedies are safe for your child!

It is usually quicker and easier to try a home remedy for minor ailments before rushing to the doctors. But are all the fantastic quick remedies you are reading about online really safe for your child? Read about the 10 worst home remedies that we don’t think you should try!

1. Tilting your head back during a nose bleed

10 Worst Home Remedies for Kids

Tilting your head backwards makes your blood flow backwards, which is harmful to your child. This is one of the worst home remedies for children that has been passed down by older Singaporeans to their children.

During a nose bleed, get your child to lean forward, pinch the soft part of the nose, and tell him to breathe from his mouth for up to 10 minutes to stop the nose bleed.

2. Vinegar

It is recommended that brown vinegar in the bath helps soothe chickenpox. But does it make sense to use a liquid that is acidic to cure a child’s itchy sensitive skin? Experienced mummies reckon this method is more painful than it is soothing

3. Mustard oil for earache

Inflammation of the ear causes earache, which is very common in children. Using mustard oil can cause an accumulation of wax and clog up your child’s ear.

4. Toothpaste for burns

10 Worst Home Remedies for Kids

Your mother and grandmother may tell you that toothpaste heals burns. But actually, it is very harmful to burns and rashes as it can dry up the wound and lead to inflammation of the skin.
Instead of applying toothpaste on a child’s burn, it is better to use water and ice to cool down the burning sensation.

5. Popping a blister

This is one of the worst home remedies for children that the older generation has passed down. By popping a blister, your child’s sensitive skin can be exposed to heat and dirt, which can, in turn, lead to infection.
What you should do is to just let the blister dry up by itself, and it should be fine in a few days when the underlying skin has developed and toughened up.

6. Honey

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Honey is a recommended home remedy for chickenpox. However many mums believe it is too sticky and messy which makes it slightly unhygienic.

7. Yoghurt and sugar to treat yeast infections

If you have heard of using yoghurt and sugar to treat yeast infections, please don’t try it!

To treat yeast infection you must use sugar-free yoghurt as sugar can cause more problems.

8. Teething babies

10 Worst Home Remedies for Kids

Giving babies whiskey during teething might numb their pain, however, this is very dangerous for their health. During teething it is a better option to chill a teething toy in the freezer for up to 15-20 minutes and let them chew on it for a cooling sensation.

9. Butter for burns

There is no evidence that proves that butter helps in healing burns; in most cases, it may cause infections.

10. Ear candling

This process involves a candle-shaped beeswax cone which is placed in the ear, lit up and then burnt down till the wick burns, after which the cone is removed. When the cone is removed, it is thought ear wax and any impurities in the ear are also removed. This remedy is very dangerous for children and can also lead to hearing dysfunction.

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Written by

Roshni Chugani

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