How to Have Vacation Sex at Home

How to Have Vacation Sex at Home

Here are 10 ways to have steamy sex at home...

Don’t let spousal intimacy be compromised after the arrival of the little one. Never let bottle feeding and diaper changing replace the romancing, cuddles and kisses completely. Maintaining the fire in the relationship is not that hard but a lot of patience and determination is needed. Here are 10 ways to have steamy sex at home…

Start early

How to Have Vacation Sex at Home

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Tuck the kids into sleep earlier than usual so you can start your “staycation” early as well. This also assures that you will have more than an hour together especially if your child usually gets up in the middle of the night. Sleeping early means that you and your husband can sleep early as well. Staying up really late is not an option since you need to be up early for to take care of your child or get ready for work.

Set the mood

Light some candles or dim the lights in the bedroom. Put on a silk nightgown or something slinky that would catch the eye of your husband. You can now finally use that matching lingerie that you bought last year but haven’t got a chance to use.

Have an authentic connection

One of the best things about being on vacation is how relaxed you are. Bring back laughter, playfulness and vulnerability to access positive feelings.

Ditch the distractions

Let go of the ‘chore’ list and unwind into the senses. Turn off all communication media and schedule time with no interruption

Be spontaneous

How to Have Vacation Sex at Home

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Intimate moments do not have to happen during scheduled nights only. Take the chance whenever you can especially when the kids are having a nap, at grandma’s house or at school.


For extra spice, do not hesitate to introduce certain gadgets that you or your husband always wanted to try. If you or your husband have certain fantasies, act it out by wearing costumes or using props. Don’t be shy.

Give and take

Your intimate night should be for the two of you and not just for one of you. Be an unselfish lover. Explore and try something new. If you are usually quiet or shy, be more vocal or aggressive. Dirty talk can be arousing too –to some.

Interesting places

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Get out of the bedroom—been there, done that! Try getting intimate in the kitchen or on the stairway. Don’t worry about anyone walking into your steamy session—so make sure you send your kids away for a weekend. Just be casual, spontaneous and free.

Take it to the bathroom

Have a romantic bubble bath in the tub, light some aromatherapy candles and turn up the jazz. Start it off with some kissing and foreplay before getting deep into the steamy session.

Flirt with danger

Try doing it in the living room. Be sure to hush each other when you are getting a little bit out of control with your…ermm…moans. Are you going to run the risk of getting caught? Have a little quickie and be wary that your kids might walk in on you. So be fully clothed (just in case). Tip: Ladies, wear a long and loose flowing skirt to cover the action. Wink.

Take each other out for a ride

Remember those days when you were young, you are driven by hormones and you could do it anywhere at any time? Reminisce those moments and perhaps, try getting hot in your car parked at your garage. This only applies to those living in a house…not an apartment — unless you’re adventurous enough. Still—be discreet or the neighbours will talk!

All night long

Do it anywhere you like around the house with different positions and styles. You have the whole night and the whole weekend to bond with each other. Reignite the passion that may have gone a little dim after years of marriage and the arrival of a kid or two.

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