10 things to know about KidZania Singapore

10 things to know about KidZania Singapore

KidZania announces more partnerships and more partners means more roles for the kids! KidZania Singapore opens on 12th April 2016! Read these top 10 things to know about KidZania Singapore to get all caught up and excited!

If like us, you’ve been eager for updates on KidZania and its arrival in Singapore, you’re in luck! KidZania is set to open its city doors to public from 12th April 2016 onwards!

In case you haven’t heard of KidZania, it is an indoor family edutainment centre which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience for kids in a kid-sized city, through over 80 role-play activities.

Based on all the info we have so far, we’ve identified 10 amazing things you should know about KidZania Singapore before it opens!

1. Safety first

Everyone who enters the park will be tagged with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security bracelet and a child is only allowed to leave the park with an adult whose bracelet matches that of the child’s. At KidZania, safety is priority amidst the fun times!

2. Not your average KidZania

There are 22 other KidZanias around the world, but none as unique as the first one to be situated on an island resort. Located at Palawan Beach, Sentosa, KidZania Singapore distinguishes itself by offering kids an unparalleled edutainment experience against the backdrop of a serene tropical beach.

Furthermore, this will be the brand’s first stand-alone KidZania building, part of the new Palawan Kidz City. The building even boasts a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737!

3. A language of their own

To unite the kids of the world, KidZanians around the world share a common language. Learn about the language and speak it with your kids!

‘Kai’ means ‘Hi’, ‘Kal’ means ‘Pal’; so ‘Kai my Kal’ means ‘Hi, my Pal!’ Say ‘Zaz’ for ‘Wow’ and we’ll Z-U soon at KidZania!

things to know about KidZania Singapore

The currency of exchange at KidZania. Security bracelet also pictured.

4. Currency is king

As with cities of the world, KidZania even has a currency of its own called ‘kidZos’! Along with taking on jobs, kids get to earn and save kidZos and use them to purchase goods and services, even have a choice to generate interest on their kidZos by saving it with the bank. Best of all, kidZos can be used in any KidZania city around the world!


things to know about KidZania Singapore

Mock-Up of KidZania layout with districts.

5. A real city

Like any other city, KidZania Singapore employs town planners! Mirroring realistic urban planning techniques, the expansive indoor edutainment complex is comprised of various districts for the establishments. Districts include:

  • Automotive
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Industrial
  • Public Services
  • Private Services
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Restaurants – F&B establishments will be located throughout the city.
things to know about KidZania Singapore

The Eternal Spirit, a rotating globe of bronze resting on a large replica of KidZania’s national seal.

6. A nation with its own national monuments

To promote a sense of community and belonging, KidZania also has national monuments to showcase the common ideals and aspirations of KidZanians. Remember to bring your kids to see these symbols:

  • The Monumental Flag
  • Independence Fountain
  • Eternal Spirit

7. Living out aspirations through realism

Kids can be whoever they want to be at KidZania Singapore. Be a Pilot, a Surgeon, an Actor, a Firefighter or a Chef, and live out their aspirations through the many role-play professions available in the City. Designed to make kids think about things on a much bigger scale, the role-play activities have been specially curated and authenticated by real-world brands to ensure realism in every learning opportunity.

8. Celebrate uniquely Singaporean culture

Unique to KidZania Singapore is the presence of familiar local brands to give guests a KidZanian experience that is unique to Singapore’s heritage and culture. This includes The Intan, which is also the first Peranakan Museum to be featured in any KidZania city, and other brands such as Camp Challenge, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Kiss92, The Soup Spoon, Lim Chee Guan and more.

things to know about KidZania Singapore

Kids become fashion gurus and models at the Retail district.

9. Reimagine retail therapy

Remember what we said about kidZos? Kids can choose to spend the kidZos which they have earned at the Shopping Alley and Department Store. It is the freedom of choice and decision-making that KidZania is known to empower kids with, including lessons on the value of money.

things to know about KidZania Singapore

KidZanian surgeons performing a delicate kidney transplant operation.

10. Getting to KidZania Singapore

Located on the resort island of Sentosa and along the sunny beach of Palawan Beach, KidZania Singapore can be reached via a covered walkway from the Beach Station, which is home to the Sentosa Express, bus terminal and a 650-lot covered carpark. Still lost? Just key in the postal code 098 008 and let your GPS lead you there.

KidZania Singapore itself is a fully air-conditioned indoor city, which means you do have to worry if it rains or shines.

With all these exciting updates to KidZania, it’s sure to take the Singapore kid’s entertainment scene by storm. So get your kids to dream big, and get ready for a better world!

Get your tickets now at www.kidzania.com.sg.

Let us know what you and your kids are looking forward to at KidZania Singapore! Leave a comment and tell us!

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Mary Anne Ho

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