10 classic gifts for Father’s day

10 classic gifts for Father’s day

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the man who helped bring us up in the world. It’s our chance to show our dads that we love and cherish them. If you’re short of ideas, check out our list of gifts that range from the downright quirky to uptown classy.

10 classic gifts for Father’s day

Shower some love and attention on your dad this Father’s day by choosing the perfect gift for him. Dads come in all shapes, sizes and characters, so choose a present that will suit his interests. Here are some top gift ideas that would be bound to melt his heart this Father’s day.


Every man needs a good bottle of cologne (or at least every woman thinks so). Figure out what your dad has been wearing for the past few months or even years. Chances are, he is stuck with an old bottle of some obscure brand which may or may not be expired. If you think your dad’s current scent does not make the cut, check out your local department store for some great colognes. If you are up for it, go for the top brands, Gucci, Calvin Klein or Versace. If not, then just pick out something that you think will make your dad smell fantastic.

Bow Tie

Your dad has been wearing that old tie to work every day for the past 20 years. It’s time for a switch up. While bow tie fashion has been in a steady decline for the past decade, with the new retro, indie wave sweeping the fashion industry, your dad could just pull off the look in style. Choose between a stark black one, a striped one or even a polka-dotted bow tie. Be creative and you could just help your parents wind back the years to their very first dance.

The Economist subscription

So your dad is the intellectual type. He spends the nights flipping through news channels, and brings newspapers to every trip to the toilet. Satisfy his cravings for international politics, current affairs and opinion pieces by hooking him to a six month or a yearly subscription. As a bonus, you too could borrow the issues after he is done with them

Swiss Army knife

If your dad is a bit of a ‘handy-man’, you could do no wrong by getting him a Swiss Army knife. With a dozen or more implements and tools built into each knife, your dad will enjoy his tinkering and repair work even more.

Gym membership

If your dad has been lamenting on the lack of exercise in the recent months, get him a gym membership to start him down the path to fitness and health. If he is a working dad, get a gym near his office. Give him the opportunity he always wanted to get rid of that old belly. Which child doesn’t want their parents to be healthy?

Personalised T-shirt

Your dad is a fun guy, and though he tries to be practical, he loves quirky gifts. Get him a personalized t-shirt that says something cool on the front. There are plenty of shops around that offer plain t-shirts for customers to personalize so get cracking and print ‘World’s Best Dad’ in the classiest font you can find.


Sunglasses are the epitome of cool in fashion, aviators however, take it up a notch. Get your dad a sweet set of aviators and let him saunter down the streets looking suave.


It’s time to be classy. Get your dad a good old bottle of wine to share with your mum. If he isn’t a wine person. Get him some rum, whisky, gin, etc. The aim is to give him a nice bottle of liquor to accompany him on quiet, relaxed night on his porch.


Technology may be a turn off to the older generation. But the beauty of the iPod lies in its simplicity. Introduce your dad to Apple’s finest and help him load all his favourites onto it. From Frank Sinatra to the Beatles, your dad will no longer have to endure the quality of old cassettes. He can now plug his favourite voices into his very ears and take them with him wherever he goes.

Coffee Machine

Coffee is an elusive drink. A good cup of coffee is hard to find outside and even harder to produce at home. Satisfy your dad’s cravings by getting him a top quality coffee machine, think brands like Nespresso or Siemens. Give a man a cup of coffee and you feed him for a day, give the man a coffee machine and you satisfy his caffeine cravings for life.


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