13 hacks to get your kids to wash their hair

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For children, baths and showers can be fun as long as hair washing isn't included in the package. Find out how to lure or trick your child into washing their hair by using entertaining and engaging tools.

trick your child to wash hair

Having a hard time getting your child to shampoo their hair? Find out how to trick your child to wash hair now!

Does your child’s refusal to wash hair make you want to pull out your own hair? Don’t go bald just yet! Hair washing doesn’t have to be a constant struggle if you know how to trick your child to wash hair. Apart from using a no-tear formula shampoo, employ this enjoyable bag of tricks every time during the hair washing routine, and your child will be shampooing in no time without a single fuss!

13 awesome kids hair washing tricks

Get her excited about cleaning her hair. Take her to the supermarket and have her browse all the various types of shampoos and ask her to pick out one for herself. If your kiddo likes what you use to wash their hair, it will surely be a no-fuss hair washing kind of day. Just make sure it’s a kids shampoo that is tears free.

Cut back on hair washes – Frequent hair washing isn’t really necessary for children. This is because shampoos can dry the hair and scalp. Wash hair every other day or thrice a week depending on your child’s weekly activities.

Spa time – Instead of telling her that it is time for a hair wash, tell her that it’s time to go to the spa. Treat her like a paying customer and ask her for an appointment time and to “pay” you at the end of the treatment. During the spa, treat her to a scalp massage and explain the importance of conditioners, the same way a spa assistant would speak to you.

Be independent – Sometimes children don’t like to have their hair washed but they may agree to washing their own hair (with your assistance of course). Try this method with your child and it might just work.

Use a washcloth – Instead of pouring water directly on your child’s head, it is best to use a wet washcloth with shampoo. Rub the foamy washcloth all over your child’s hair to get the grime out.

Use the sink – Instead of washing hair in the tub or shower, use the sink to trick your child to wash hair. Let your child lean back into the sink and wash hair gently. Put a towel on the forehead and on the neck to stop trickling water.

Put on goggles – Some kids don’t like their hair to be washed because they don’t like water or shampoo to get in their eyes. Trick your child to wash hair by allowing use of goggles in the bathroom. With the goggles, there will be no sting from water or the shampoo.

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