8 Ways to make bath time fun for both you and your child

8 Ways to make bath time fun for both you and your child

For children, baths and showers can be fun as long as hair washing isn't included in the package. Find out how to lure or trick your child into washing their hair by using entertaining tools and products.

Does your child’s refusal to bathe make you want to pull out your own hair? Don’t make yourself go bald just yet! It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle if you know how to trick kids into bathing. Apart from using a gentle formula shampoo and body soap, employ these eight fun bath ideas for older kids and your own child will be shampooing in no time without a single fuss!

fun bath ideas for older kids

#1 Go gaga with bubbles!

Children love bubbles. And what better time to create a bunch of fun bubbles than bathtime?  Of course, the kind of product you use really matters when it comes to creating the biggest, sparkliest bubbles ever.

As mums, you want to make sure your little one’s giggles continue until the end of the bath. So you look for products that are just right for baby’s tender skin. Moist Diane Botanical’s bath products are perfect in this regard, as they are so very gentle on your precious little one’s hair and skin.

Make kids laugh by gently scooping lather from their hair and blowing the bubbles onto their tummy. Get them to pop the big bubbles, too. Remember: when kids associate a routine with fun, they’ll want to continue doing it.

Try Moist Diane Botanical’s shampoo, conditioner and body wash, which contain no silicones, no sulphates, no ethanol, no parabens, no mineral oils, no synthetic dye, and no animal-derived ingredients — you can have peace of mind knowing that it is gentle enough for your tot’s delicate skin!

Bonus: Create fun beyond the bathroom with a safe DIY three-ingredient bubble solution for your kids to play with! Simply mix 1-½ parts Moist Diane Botanical Refresh & Moist Shampoo or Body Soap, 8 parts water and ¼ part glycerine or corn syrup (optional).

fun bath ideas for older kids

#2 Use fun bath toys

Remember that rubber ducky that junior once bugged you to buy? Maybe it’s time to get more fun water toys to make showering more appealing for the little one. Try out rubber toys, colourful sponges, and even waterproof glow sticks! If you’re a little adventurous and don’t mind the bathroom getting wet, a water gun is a great way to convince your grubby child to get in the tub.

fun bath ideas for older kids

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#3 Prepare a relaxing bubbly bath

A soothing bath before bedtime is perfect to calm down your little one and get them relaxed and ready for sleep.

A good way of doing this is to give them a bath or shower where the product you use releases natural fragrances known for their calming properties. However, many kids’ bath products are fragrance-free, and even if they are scented, the fragrance is created artificially. Not so with Moist Diane Botanical’s range of bath time products!

Moist Diane uses natural and organic extracts in their shampoo, conditioner and body wash for fragrance that’s safe for children. Also, the beautifully relaxing citrus French Savon scent helps soothe your tot and get them ready for bed.

Don’t forget to complete the calming ritual by giving your little one a gentle massage before dressing them, and reading them a bedtime story. You can be sure they’ll be in the land of nod before you can say “French Savon!”

fun bath ideas for older kids

#4 Turn bath time into spa time

Instead of saying that it is time for a hair wash, tell your child that it’s time to go to the spa. Treat your kiddo like a paying customer by asking for an appointment time and demanding to be “paid” at the end of the treatment. During the spa, treat your child to a scalp massage and explain the importance of conditioners, the same way a spa assistant would speak to you. Your child will love being pampered!

fun bath ideas for older kids

#5 Compliment your child

Every time your kid washes his or her hair, be generous with the compliments and praises. “Wow, your hair smells amazing! Look at how bouncy it is!”

fun bath ideas for older kids

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#6 Encourage independence

Sometimes children don’t like to have their hair washed, but they may agree to wash their hair on their own (with your assistance, of course). Try this method with your child and it might just work.


fun bath ideas for older kids

#7 Create silly hairstyles!

Make shapes with your child’s hair, like mohawks, horns, and even the Eiffel tower. You can get creative with Moist Diane Botanical shampoo as it produces a dense, gentle lather that gently cleanses dirt and holds fun shapes to entertain kids.

Ask your child to make some shapes, too, and get him or her giggling by pretending to have a hard time at guessing what they’re supposed to look like. “A triangle? I thought that was an upside down bikini bottom!”

fun bath ideas for older kids

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#8 Create precious moments and memories

All the little rituals you do with your little one create beautiful bonding opportunities for both of you. Further, they help create precious memories that you and your baby will cherish forever.

Bath time can be a wonderful way of sharing beautiful moments with your tot. Whether you get in the tub with your baby and splash around, or share your bath products so your child feels they are “exactly like Mummy,” know that memories of a lifetime are being created.

Also, did you know that scent can evoke certain emotions when associated with specific memories? So if you give your child your own shampoo, he or she may associate the scent with warm moments shared with mum! The Moist Diane Botanical Refresh & Moist range is not only safe and gentle enough for babies’ delicate skin, it also has a really nice and comforting citrus French soap scent that allows you and bub to smell great all the same!

Looking for a gentle, kid-friendly shampoo and body soap that you can share with your child? Redeem your free MOIST DIANE Botanical Refresh & Moist sample here!

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