Zimble Launches Singapore’s First Innovative Rewards-Based Pocket Money App for Children

Zimble Launches Singapore’s First Innovative Rewards-Based Pocket Money App for Children

Zimble allows parents to easily reward their children and progress families towards a cashless society.

Zimble is set to launch its innovative rewards-based pocket money app in Singapore, the first of its kind in the country, providing parents with a digital money management tool to educate children up to 18 years of age on financial literacy.

Powered by MatchMove in collaboration with Mastercard, Zimble and its accompanying prepaid card seek to meet the needs and revolutionise money management for children, as Singapore progresses into a cashless, smart nation. The innovative app empowers them with real-world experiences of financial concepts such as working for money or setting longer-term goals from a young age.

“In Singapore, the average child receives their first internet-connected device around the age of 8. Zimble provides a digital platform for them to learn about managing finances, even before embarking on their first job or receiving their first credit card,” said Marika Spaseska, Chief Executive Officer of Zimble.

Singapore will be the first market Zimble will be introduced, with plans to expand into other Southeast Asian countries, such as The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam within the next two years.

Learning about dollars and financial sense

Zimble is a multi-faceted app that incorporates a range of money management features:

  • Digital wallet: ‘Piggybank’ accounts can be set up for the child to earn, save and spend with, which parents can make one-time and recurring transfers into.
  • Rewards-based tasks: Parents can offer monetary rewards to their children for completing tasks and goals, such as doing the dishes or excelling at school. Children can send photos and videos of completed tasks to their parents.
  • Parental oversight: The linked parent and child accounts allow parents to monitor their children’s financial activities with expenditure limits and real-time notifications.
  • Saving plans and wishlists: The app allows children to set savings targets and create wish lists of items for parents to fulfil.
  • Giving from wider circles: Invite extended family members and even close friends to contribute towards the child’s rewards and wishes, including birthday presents.
  • Instant messaging (Coming Soon): The in-app chat function lets family members easily send texts in real-time to share about financial activities and the progress of tasks and goals.

With many dual-income families, there may be a growing problem where children spend money with less guidance and caution. Zimble wants to bridge this gap by providing parents with the tools to nurture their children’s relationship with money in a healthy way.

“I once struck an agreement with my niece that each time she cleaned my car, I’d give her thirty dollars to save up for her favourite cosmetics, as a way of teaching her about money. The idea hit me: Surely there must be a better way to do this with today’s technology? That’s how Zimble was born.” said Ms. Spaseska.


Image source: Zimble Singapore

Zimble Launches Singapore’s First Innovative Rewards-Based Pocket Money App for Children

Image source: Zimble Singapore


Image source: Zimble Singapore

Bringing the kids onboard a cashless society

Zimble powered by payment innovation company MatchMove, which is a principle issuer of Mastercard and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to bring unparalleled convenience in payments to users.

Commenting on the Zimble-MatchMove collaboration, MatchMove Chief Commercial Officer Amar Abrol said: “Financial education is a subject that is close to our hearts and we are glad to be a part of Zimble’s solution to encourage digital adoption from a young age and help kids better understand money management and achieve financial literacy. This is in line with the Singapore Smart Nation vision of a cashless society, and we are glad that our partnership with Zimble is helping realise this national vision.”

Transactions can be made online and in-store at millions of merchants around the world, without needing a bank account. Partnerships with merchants are in the works, adding value and savings to Zimble users through promotional deals and offers.

Zimble is developed with safety and security as a top priority. Features such as certified chip technology, PIN-protected access and remote locking of accounts and cards provide protection from any potential cyber threats and loss of card, giving parents peace of mind.

Simple app interface that keeps children engaged

As the intended users are primarily children, the app is both engaging yet simple to use. The intuitive user interface features bright colours and graphics, is easy to navigate and flows seamlessly from one function to another.

Mark Reid, Chief Operating Officer of Zimble, said, “Parents in Asia are always seeking the best for their children, no matter how busy or hectic their lives get. This is a key consideration for us in designing the user experience of Zimble: to help families guide the financial learning journey of children with minimal fuss, priming them to be tech-savvy and forward-thinking.”

Highly affordable membership with a 1-month free trial

Zimble offers parents an affordable subscription-based membership to access the app’s features and receive a physical prepaid card (along with an in-app virtual card). Online registration is quick and simple, with home delivery for the prepaid card—allowing users to skip bank queues—and a 1-month free trial. With its launch, Zimble is running a special promotion on its annual membership fee at S$38.50 (S$3.50 per month).

“As the shift towards a digital lifestyle accelerates, we risk leaving our children behind as banks seem less agile in responding to their changing needs,” added Ms. Spaseska. “Zimble hopes to be a game-changer in how children learn about money—helping them to gain a headstart in developing good financial habits that will last a lifetime.”

Zimble is now available on the App Store or Google Play. To find out more, visit their website.

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